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The Intelligent Measuring Project in the Escazú Branch consists of the installation of smart meters in this area of ​​the CNFL, these equipments will offer our clients great advantages, among them: They will provide daily, hourly and even minute readings, this will help the client to monitor your energy consumption, if there is a power outage, immediately send a notification to report that the power supply was lost, with this we will work more agile with the objective of a quick restoration of the service.

By means of these measuring equipment it will be possible to manage operation functions for reading, cutting, remote reconnection from a control center, and which would additionally contribute to the reduction of electrical energy losses.

Support for CNFL objectives:

Support to the Strategic Objective of the CNFL: Increase the level of efficiency of internal processes.

Compliance with the National Development and Public Investment Plan (PNDIP) 2019-2022, where the goal of the CNFL is to install 434 578 smart meters.


Photograph of an intelligent meterInstallation of 113.040 AMI meters in the province of San Jose, specifically in: Colon City, Santa Ana, Escazú, Pavas, Mata Redonda, Hatillo and Alajuelita, this project in this stage includes residential and commercial customers with monthly consumption equal to or less than 3.000 kWh.

Coverage Area: 185.3 Km2

Benefited clients: 113.040 that represent approximately 20% of the clients of the CNFL.


Thanks to the technology of these new measurement systems, the following benefits may be obtained, among others:

  • - Access the meter reading remotely to perform monthly invoicing.
  • - This type of measurement will provide alerts of different events that affect the service, allowing us to act as soon as possible.
  • - Timely access to information regarding the behavior of their consumption.
  • - If your service is suspended for lack of payment, the reconnection time once canceled will be more expeditious.



Santa Ana

Santa Ana center (northern sector - Finca Don Lalo Urbanization, Prados del Oeste Condominium)

Wednesday, November 6 from 2019


Urbanization Juan Pablo II, East and West side of the Cemetery, Fray Martin neighborhood, surroundings of Pulpería Santa Marta, Rivera del Río Urbanization, Los Pinos Urbanization, Sector in front of the National Bank, South side of the Church

Thursday, November 7 from 2019


Alajuelita center - West sector, Urbanization La Macha, Urbanization El Bosquecito

Friday, November 8 from 2019


Felicia Condominium, La Cima Crossing, West Sector of the San Josecito Church, South Sector of the Liceo Alajuelita School

Saturday, November 9 from 2019


Urbanization La Antonina, West Sector of Urbanization La Chorotega, Urbanization Emanuel, Urbanization Los Pinos. Monday, November 11 of 2019.
Alajuelita El Llano - Mora Street and Caracas Street, Lamps Street, B ° Heart of Jesus, surroundings of Valle Azul Restaurant. Tuesday, November 12 of 2019.
Alajuelita La Cascabela Street, Los Filtros Street, La Cascabela Neighborhood, María Auxiliadora Neighborhood. Wednesday, November 13 from 2019-
Escazú Bello Horizonte - Crossing of Alajuelita (west to the entrance to Barrio Los Ángeles), Barrio Los Ángeles, Urbanization Los Pinares, Urbanization Los Pianos, Urbanization Río Agre, Urbanization Zarete, Calle León - north sector, Calle San Miguel - east sector, Street from the supplier Buenos Aires to Urbanization Río Agre - northern sector, Thursday, November 14 of 2019.
Escazú Altos de Escazú Urbanization, Tamarindo Street, Jaboncillos Street, Monasterio Street, Acropolis Condominium, Alta Provence Condominium, Altos de Monasterio Condominium, Cerros de Escazú Condominium, Monte Olimpio Condominium, Monte Plata Condominium, Views of the Monastery Condominium, La Perla Urbanization. Friday, November 15 of 2019.
Escazú Route 27 - northern sector (from toll road to Multiplaza roundabout, Mango Street, Guachipelín Street of the 27 route crossing to Club José Marti - East sector. Tuesday, November 19 of 2019
Escazú B ° Heart of Jesus, Center of Escazú sector - 200 m Oeste and 200 S of BN, Cond. Euro Habitat and surroundings, Urb. Vista de Oro Wednesday, November 20 from 2019
Escazú ESCAZU - Bebedero (Noé Marín Street, Paso Hondo Street, Bebedero Street, Cuesta Grande Street, B ° El Carmen - Panis Venegas Street, Vuelta Los Montoya Street). Thursday, November 21 from 2019
Hatillo North sector of Hatillo 1 (Ave. Nosara, Morenos street, Terraba street, INVU 2), Hatillo 2 (Urb. La Loma, INVU 1, sector in front of Manuel Belgrano school). Friday, November 22 from 2019
Hatillo Hatillo 4, Hatillo 5 (sector between the square, multifamilies and the ring road. Saturday, November 23 from 2019


What is the project about?

The Smart Measurement Project at the Escazú Branch, consists of the installation of smart meters in this area of ​​the CNFL. Through these measuring equipment, operation functions for reading, cutting, remote reconnection from a control center will be managed, and that additionally would contribute to the reduction of electrical energy losses.

What is AMI technology and why does the CNFL make the decision to install these smart meters?

AMI stands for advanced measurement infrastructure. The ideal for the energy sector or the main tendency is to achieve the integration of computer technologies into physical structures so that the resources used in energy generation, transport and distribution have a better use. This system allows to know much better how and when the energy consumption is generated, increasing the effectiveness in the administration of the resources, the management of the clients and the control of non-technical losses. The AMI system consists of smart meters, concentrators, data collectors and a series of special devices through which it is possible to perform readings, interruptions and reconnections remotely.

What are the benefits for our customers with the installation of smart meters?

1- Fair and reliable measurement in the register of your consumption.

2- Automatic and remote consumption reading without going to your home.

3- Automatic detection of supply failures and more timely attention for its restoration.

4- Immediate reconnection of the power supply when canceling your pending invoices.

5- Accurate information about energy consumption, its usage patterns to be able to control and manage them.

Where will smart measurement equipment be installed?

Installation of 113.040 smart meters in the area served by the Escazú Branch, specifically in: Ciudad Colon, Santa Ana, Escazú, Pavas, Mata Redonda, Hatillo and Alajuelita, this project at this stage includes residential and commercial customers with equal or lesser monthly consumption to 3.000 kWh (energy cycles).

On what date will the meter changes be executed?

These changes will start in August 2019 and end in December 2020, weekly we will be publishing in our social networks the sectors where the meter changes will be executed.

Is it only for houses or does it apply to shops?

Meter changes at this stage include residential and commercial customers with monthly consumption equal to or less than 3.000 kWh (energy cycles).

Who will execute the meter changes?

The meter changes will be executed by ICE officials, they must present their identification card to the client and in case the client requests it, a note signed by the Escazú Branch Manager will be given indicating all aspects of the project.

Should the client condition something?

No, to execute the exchange of a traditional meter for an intelligent meter, customers should not carry out any conditioning; except for cases in which there is already an imminent risk or deterioration in the current one. These cases that require some conditioning will be duly notified and informed to the client.

What happens if the client is not in the property?

When the measurement system is accessible, technicians will proceed with the replacement of the traditional meter by the intelligent meter. If the meter is within the property, in case the client is not found, a notification will be delivered and the change will proceed later. The technicians who will install the new meter will notify the site beforehand about the change that is going to be made, in case of not receiving an answer they will execute the meter change.

Should the client give access to the site?

When the traditional meter is inside the home, the customer is obliged to provide access to ICE personnel in order to proceed with the replacement of the measurement system. The personnel that will carry out the replacement work is duly identified. In case of doubt, the client can communicate to the following means:

• Free telephone line: 8003637442

• Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

• WhatsApp 8319-5273

• Escazú branch: 2210-3120, 2210-3122

• Social Networks of our company

Does the change of the meter have any cost to the customer?

Meter changes resulting from the CNFL smart equipment modernization project have no cost to the customer.

Will there be any increase in customer billing?

These measuring devices are more accurate than traditional meters, which is why billing with smart meters will be more fair and accurate.

Will the customer see something different on the invoice?

When the invoice is issued once the meter has been changed, the only change you might appreciate will be the installed meter number. Other invoice information continues in the same format.

Why does the meter board say ICE?

These measuring equipment are part of a commercial agreement between the ICE and CNFL, which is why the measuring equipment has an ICE plate, however, the billing and all the processes thereof will be executed by CNFL users, all meters count with an orange circular sticker that says CNFL-AMI.

AMI logo. Orange circle, with the CNFL logo inside and the AMI text.

If I have any additional questions, what should I do?

To assist you we offer the following communication channels:

- Free telephone line: 8003637442

- Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

- WhatsApp 8319-5273

- Escazú Branch: 2210-3120, 2210-3122

- Our Social Networks.

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