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CNFL Radio Connection is an interactive space through which the Compañía Nacional de Fuerza y Luz performs an accountability to the general public about the institutional work, for the benefit of its customers and users. A weekly edition is broadcast every Monday, at 2 pm on the 89.1 FM frequency.

The space is 100% produced by the employees of the Business Communication Unit, a unit responsible for managing the communication management of the company. A team of professionals composed of Cindy Hernández, Hernando Fernández, Leonardo Segura, Alexander Porras, Christopher Hernández, Mileny Salguero, Xinia Cerdas, Adrián Chavarría, Ricardo Zamora and Lucía Cortés. It has four sections through which information of public interest is provided.


- Illuminated: Various advice related to the use of electric power is provided.

- CNFL generation: an institutional historical count developed from its beginnings to the present is made.

- Blue helmets: A compilation of stories from officials and their commitment to the institution and its clients is provided.

- In frequency: compiles a weekly news summary of the most relevant actions of the CNFL and the ICE Group.

- Background interview: The participation of various institutional actors of the CNFL or public-private companies and institutions that interact with or interact with the CNFL every week.

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Monday 04 of November of 2019

Guests: Erick Esquivel, Head of the Administration and Control Unit of the Distribution System. Luis Fernando Andrés Director of Energy Distribution of the CNFL

Topic: Modernization of the Operational Management of the CNFL power grid

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