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Information of semi-fast recharge centers

Name Address Hours
Tilarán National Bank Tilarán, Guanacaste. 24 hours
CNFL - Metropolitan Agency Alfredo Volio Central Street 0 Street, San José From Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm
CNFL - Anonos Campus Sabana Sur, 650 meters west of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, San José From Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm
CONELÉCTRICAS - Valle Azul Bajo Rodríguez, San Ramón: Passing the bridge over the San Lorenzo River, Alajuela. 24 hours
Coopeguanacaste Huacas Plaza Huacas shopping center, crossing of Huacas, Guanacaste. Business hours
Coopeguanacaste Nicoya Costa Rica post office, 100 meters west, Guanacaste. Business hours
Coopeguanacaste Santa Cruz 1 km east of the National Bank ,, Guanacaste. Business hours
Coopeguanacaste Sardinal Southwest side of Sardinal Park, 200 meters south, Guanacaste. Business hours
COOPELESCA - Aguas Zarcas Aguas Zarcas, Alajuela. 24 Hours
COOPELESCA - Warehouse La Fortuna Av 331, Alajuela. Business hours
COOPELESCA - Ciudad Quesada East side of the Juan Chaves Rojas school, Ciudad Quesada, San Carlos, Alajuela. 24 hours
COOPELESCA - Santa Rosa de Pocosol Santa Rosa de Pocosol, P, Alajuela. 24 hours
ICE - Agencia Limón Hospital, Lemon 24 hours
ICE - Mall Agency Centro Plaza Liberia Mall Centro Plaza Liberia, Guanacaste 24 hours
ICE - Agencia Pérez Zeledón 2 Street, San José 24 hours
ICE - Agencia Puntarenas Central Avenue, Puntarenas 24 hours
ICE - Agencia Quepos Av 3, Calle 2, Puntarenas 24 hours
ICE - DIPOA Building 50 Street, San José. Monday through Friday from 7am to 5pm.
ICE - Garabito Montes de Oro Plant Miramar Cemetery, Puntarenas 24 hours
ICE - Jacó Walk Square Jaco Walk Mall, Puntarenas From Monday to Sunday from 9am to 10pm.
ICE - Sabana Norte Costa Rican Institute of Electricity, Boulevard de Las Americas, San Jose, San José. From Monday to Sunday from 7am to 6pm.


Information of fast charging centers

Name Location Hours Capacity Type Connectors

CNFL Uruca fast recharge center

Delta la Uruca service station, diagonal to the Juan Pablo II bridge. 24 hours 50Kw CHAdeMO and Combo 1

CNFL Curridabat fast recharge center

Parking of the CFIA (Federated College of Engineers and Architects of Costa Rica). 24 hours 50Kw CHAdeMO and Combo 1

CNFL Escazú fast recharge center

Carr John F Kennedy, San Rafael de Escazú, San José. 24 hours 50Kw CHAdeMO and Combo 1

CNFL Pass-Through Fast Charging Center

CNFL Paso Ancho substation (500 meters east of the Paso Ancho roundabout). 24 hours 50Kw CHAdeMO and Combo 1

Limonal fast recharge center

Guanacaste, Limonal in front of the restaurant my estate 24 hours 50Kw CHAdeMO and Combo 1

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