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Our duty as citizens and workers of public management is to know and feel pride of the company where we provide our service; honoring the passion and struggle of our ancestors to build what we enjoy today.

The great social gains achieved, demand that public entities and their workers are aware of the duty to continue building a better Costa Rica for all, a Costa Rica of law, fair, equal and supportive.

Companies as many remember them and today the Compañía Nacional de Fuerza y Luz, SA (CNFL), was born in 1941 as part of the social struggles of great Costa Rican leaders and thinkers who dreamed of a nationalized electrical service of high quality and at a low cost; a service accessible to all without distinction of social class. These citizens forged with their fists and sweat the development of a prosperous Costa Rica, a good homeland for their sons and daughters, based on the noblest and deepest ideals.

Under this framework that details relevant events, the Commission of Ethics and Values ​​of the CNFL urges all the staff to feel proud to be part of this great company, to reinvent themselves and extract the best of the achievements and mistakes made. Invite, to commit to a new management based on the values ​​that forged the creation of our beloved CNFL, always seeking development and the common good.

This is our time, this is our reality and our opportunity to write a new history enlightened with values, the orange force has much to give to this great nation, it is time to return to our essence and thus make life the words of our hymn that says : "Give everyone the best, the best".

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