2019 year for innovation and technology Management Message

Thank you for your interest in this Portal and with this let me inform you of our actions for this 2019, which will be focused on customer service and the continuous improvement of our work in the substantive areas of the company that cover the generation, distribution and marketing of energy; as well as the healthy administration and control of the expenditure of resources.

Allow me only to make a brief space for the public recognition of the officials who, during the 2018 year, with their effort and commitment, made us receive awards both nationally and internationally as well as gender equity, good practices in Social Responsibility , environmental excellence, certifications in Quality, Environment and Occupational Safety, among others. These achievements allow us to remember and celebrate the legacy that 1968 (year of nationalization) left us the forgers of the company to never give up, whatever the circumstances.

In the CNFL, during this 2019, innovation efforts and improvements in our operations will materialize to continue providing better and better quality services. These challenges are: the development of the distribution network renovation project in the Guadalupe-Moravia sector, the execution of 250 improvement projects to the distribution network. Use of a platform to develop automated operations on the distribution network and troubleshooting.

In order to facilitate better access to our customers, we will open the branch in the Province of Heredia in the first quarter of 2019 and complete the remodeling of the Guadalupe Branch. In addition, we will consolidate the Integrated Solutions for Energy Optimization initiative, which involves the synergies of ICE group companies.

In the technological field:

We will continue with the institutional strategy of smart grids developing the telecommunications infrastructure for smart grids. As well as; the replacement of 115.000 smart meters in the Escazú Branch. We will also strengthen the business innovation policy by initiating the implementation of the plan to replace gas templates by induction cookers.

In the administrative area:

We will continue with the establishment of improvements in the administrative and financial processes derived from the Administrative and Financial Modernization Program (PMAF). As well as the restructuring of long-term debt with the use of innovative financial instruments and methodologies that is in the final stage.

I would like to conclude by telling you that we will strive for the achievements of last year, such as the sustained decrease in Energy Losses, reaching the figure at the end of the year of 9.50%, the electric mobility actions with the first Fast Charging Center for electric vehicles in Central America , the strengthening of the program of assisted remote operation in generation plants, control of operating costs, as well as the healthiest practices of investing each colon efficiently, with due control to achieve our vision and mission, will continue to be our north.


Víctor Solís Rodríguez

General Manager

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