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Dear customers and visitors:

Receive a warm greeting from the beginning of the year 2020

When the year 2019 began we set out projects that at that time looked very big and very challenging, but because of the great work and determination that officials and civil servants have provided, we managed to develop them successfully, which allows us to maintain the leadership of the CNFL as urban distribution company of the country and the region.

In that sense, as in previous years, it is appropriate to count some of the main achievements of 2019.

- SGI Certification of the Ventanas Hydroelectric Plant.

- Start-up of unit # 3 of the Electriona Plant as part of the plant modernization process.

- Execution of more than 200 improvement projects for the distribution network.

- Conclusion of the San José Norte and Oeste Project (San Juan de Tibás, Santo Domingo, Santa Rosa and La Uruca).

- Conclusion of Stages I and II in the Industrial Zone of Belén, providing customers with an unbeatable quality in the electric power service.

- Modernization of the Guadalupe Branch.

- Implementation of the Memorable Service Model in the Heredia and Escazú Branches.

- Development of the first stage of sale of induction cookers as a strategy to recover energy sales in the residential sector.

- Implementation of the SER (Renewable Energy Solutions) strategy as an instrument for customer retention and the development of new businesses.

- Formalization and standardization of 700 housing units in vulnerable areas.

- Design of the instrument for debt restructuring.

- Implementation of the first stage of the Succession Plan that will allow the company to retain knowledge of key positions.

- Design, approval and implementation of the new CNFL brand.

For the year 2020 we will continue with the integral solutions to our clients, improving the levels of quality and continuity of service, all this supported in a sustainable economic management. In that sense we pose some of the challenges we have:

- Implement the ISO 55000 standard for the management of institutional assets.

- Battery Energy Storage System in the Lindora area.

- Entry into operation of the WHO Project (Interruption Management System).

- Complete the smart measurement project at the Escazú Branch.

- Advance in the RIDE Stage (Intelligent Networks) of Guadalupe-Moravia which will conclude at the beginning of 2021.

- Build Stage III in the Industrial Zone of Belén.

- Implement improvements and automation of supply, financial and human talent management processes (PMAF)

- Modernize the management of human talent in all its processes and adapt to new needs.

- Conclude the implementation of the Memorable Service Model in all customer service centers.

- Maintain the downward trend of the Energy Loss Indicator, promoting the use of data analytics.

- Recover ¢ 1 000 billion by managing energy losses.

- Develop telecommunications infrastructure for smart grids at the Escazú Branch.

Each year that comes we intend to provide a better service and implement comprehensive solutions for the new needs of our customers and users. We want for you and your families a successful and prosperous year 2020.


Víctor Solís Rodríguez

General Manager

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