Commission of Accessibility to Services

(Compliance with Law 7600 and related)

The Accessibility Commission is Renewed!

Since the year 1999 CNFL has been a pioneer in the execution of affirmative actions for people with disabilities, with an uninterrupted work for more than a decade, many hearts have been sensitized with the aim of ensuring an equal service provision of condition for all people.

IGEDA 2019

IGEDA 2019

Results of the Disability and Accessibility Management Index

IGEDA 2019.

For the month of May 2020, CNFL is notified by the National Council of Persons with Disabilities (CONAPDIS), before the evaluation of IGEDA 2019 (Management Compliance Index on Disability and Accessibility) with the:

2nd Place, of the total of the 88 participating institutions and

1st Place, in the Environmental and Energy Services Sector.

On two occasions the CNFL has participated in the evaluation process, the IGEDA not only allows to visualize the situation regarding the fulfillment of the rights of persons with disabilities established in the current regulations, but also identifies the areas and degree of non-compliance in order to put continuous improvement plans are underway.

The score received in 2019, the date of the last evaluation was 810.65 points (out of a total of 1000).

To obtain said rating, the CNFL was evaluated in the following Categories:

1. Institutional strengthening: CNFL has a Service Accessibility Policy. Effective since 2016, it defines the principles and guidelines that support the provision of accessible and equal services in accordance with the current legal system, in observance of the rights of persons with disabilities and older adults, with the primary objective of eradicating discrimination.

2. Promotion of Rights: Improvement of attitudinal aspects through programs and awareness campaigns, training and dissemination. These are activities that are developed using different platforms, using different modalities, but each of them undoubtedly supports the promulgation of the rights of people with disabilities and the elderly, ensuring attitudinal changes that through affirmative actions frame the need to ensure inclusion and equality.

3. Accessible Services: Accessibility and general inclusiveness of the services it provides. The CNFL offers various types of services to its internal and external population. Ensuring the degree of accessibility and general inclusiveness of these services provided by the Company, required documenting each of the evidence presented. The topics of infrastructure, access to information, use of accessible Apps, awareness in customer service with disabilities, etc. were some of the variables to consider in this section.

4. Accessible Physical Environment: Maximum score obtained. Generate an environment of awareness about the need to apply and make use of the principles of Universal Design in each of the development processes of infrastructure works and ensure through knowledge the need for this to be an implicit value when generating spaces of which people will make use, shows that inclusion is a topic of general interest in the CNFL.


The Service Accessibility Commission, CNFL, SA thanks all the people who generate change for the achievements made that reveal the commitment made to ensure an accessible service offer in the CNFL.

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