Terms and conditions of use


These Terms and conditions of use they constitute an agreement between the user and the CNFL, therefore who enters the Business Portal of the CNFL that includes the following websites: Internet Portal: www.cnfl.go.cr; (which contains the Virtual Agency) Educational Portal: http://luzydiversion.cnfl.go.cr/ and Intranet Portal: http://www.intranet.cnfl.go.cr/ (the latter has exclusive access to CNFL workers), Mobile Applications and Virtual Agency commits to read these Terms and Conditions of Use carefully , before entering any of our services.

Access to the CNFL Business Portal, Mobile Applications and the Virtual Agency implies the acceptance of the user of the Terms and conditions of use that are established in this document, as well as the acceptance of the content of the Disclaimer of Liability clause, compliance with the applicable legislation in matters of Intellectual Property and our Privacy and Security Policy.

The user expressly accepts, without reservations, or exceptions that the access and use of the Business Portal of the CNFL, Mobile Applications and the Virtual Agency is carried out under its sole and exclusive responsibility and that is subject to compliance with all obligations indicated by the applicable legislation regarding the use of information.

The user must consult the specific conditions established for accessing and using certain services within the CNFL Business Portal. The access to said services also implies the acceptance of said clauses by the user.

In the case of CNFL workers, they must ensure compliance with the obligations related to the handling of confidential information stipulated in the Internal Regulations, the Internal Labor Regulations, the applicable legislation and what is expressed in the Privacy and Security Policy.

The information and requirements published in the Business Portal regarding the services offered by the CNFL, do not indicate all the terms and conditions applicable to each of the services marketed by the CNFL, because the information provided in this respect is informative in nature, therefore according to the needs of the client must coordinate with the assigned unit, to offer a service according to their specific requirements.

The CNFL does not guarantee that the information published in the Business Portal is updated; it may contain errors or omissions, therefore CNFL reserves the right to correct them.

Disclaimer Clause

Access to the Business Portal, Mobile Applications and the Virtual Agency is free and does not generate any commercial, contractual or professional relationship between the user and CNFL, except for the contractual relationships previously agreed with the CNFL client that uses said facilities offered by the company, for the request of its procedures or services.

In the case of CNFL workers, there is an employment relationship covered in their Employment Contract, as well as in what is indicated in the Labor Code Law No. 2 in force since August 29, 1943, the Internal Labor Regulations and the Collective Agreement signed between the Industrial Union of Electrical and Telecommunications Workers (SITET) and the CNFL.

The users must use the Business Portal, the Mobile Applications and the Virtual Agency as well as the services offered there according to these Terms and conditions of use Privacy and Security Policy, with full respect for the applicable legislation, public order and good customs.

Rules for Online Conduct

The user agrees to comply with the Terms and conditions of use and  Privacy and Security Policy of the Business Portal, as well as adapting its conduct to what is regulated in the applicable legal system.

The user is not authorized to use the Business Portal in the organization of organized political party activities. Nor can you send by email, or publish any of the following content on the Business Portal:

1. Content that defames or threatens other people, that is discriminatory or violates human rights.

2. Statements that may be considered fanatical, hateful or racially offensive.

3. Content that discusses illegal activities with the intention of committing them.

4. Content that infringes the intellectual property of others, including, but not limited to copyrights, trademarks or negotiating secrets.

5. Material that contains language or images that may be considered vulgar or obscene.

6. Advertising or any other form of commercial request.

7. Applications through the Virtual Agency without having the indispensable legal capacity to manage them.

The material protected by Copyright, or by any other legal right, for example: software, graphics, text, images, characters, photographs, sounds, video, and music, may not be published in the Business Portal without the express authorization of the owner of that material.

Use of the Marks and Permission for the Use of Materials

The user of the CNFL Business Portal must abide by the current legislation on Intellectual Property, thereby committing himself not to copy, reproduce, retransmit, distribute, publish, commercially exploit or transfer in any other way any material published in the Business Portal for commercial purposes or contrary to the law, morals and good manners, also can not modify or alter the information obtained in the Business Portal.

In consideration of the agreement of the user with the Terms and conditions of use contained here, the CNFL guarantees a user account (a) (for sections that require it) personal and non-transferable.

The CNFL reserves the copyright of the information presented in the Business Portal, Virtual Agency and Mobile Applications, the rights of third-party material published must also be respected.

Authorization may be requested to reproduce the CNFL material available on the following websites: Internet Portal: www.cnfl.go.cr and the Educational Portal: http://luzydiversion.cnfl.go.cr/  as follows:


1. CNFL publications: If you wish to request authorization to copy, translate or reproduce the CNFL material, you must send your request to the email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. indicating the reason for your request and the name of the applicant person or organization. The CNFL will assess the request in accordance with the laws in force.

2. CNFL Photographs: If you want to reproduce the CNFL photographs that are published, you must expressly mention the CNFL and the website where they are located. Photographs should be used in a manner that respects human dignity without causing harm to any party. The user who wishes to obtain photographs must send the authorization request to the email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  and describe the context in which the photograph will be reproduced.

3. The logo (emblem), the name and marks of the CNFL: The name, trademarks and logo (emblem) of the CNFL are legally protected and can not be used without express written authorization from CNFL. The requests can be sent to the email  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  It is clarified that the CNFL will grant authorization in very limited cases. To make the request must be indicated in the application: the reasons why the authorization is being requested, the purposes foreseen for the use of the logo (emblem) and / or name of the CNFL and the contact details of the person or organization who presents the request.

4. Audio and video of the CNFL: The audio and video productions of the CNFL that are available may not be used for purposes contrary to the objectives of the CNFL or in a manner inconsistent with respect for human dignity, nor may they be used for commercial purposes. Requests for its use may be sent to email  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

5. Characters of the CNFL: The characters published in the CNFL's Business Portal are for its exclusive use, except in exceptional cases it will be authorized to make use of them or mention of their names by third parties, they must manage the request by email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Limitations of Use

The user agrees to use the Business Portal, Virtual Agency and Mobile Applications only for purposes that are legal, if someone claims that any material published by a user is illegal, it will be the responsibility of that user to establish that the material in question is not contravenes the applicable legislation.

The CNFL has the right to remove material from the Business Portal, block access, or take any action with respect to the material published by the users, although it is not obliged to do so. The user can not use CNFL's computer resources to distribute advertising or promotional material of any kind.

The user assumes the responsibility and consequences arising from the management, services, documents and information subscribed in digital format in the Virtual Agency, which will have for all purposes the value and effectiveness established by article nine of the Law of Certificates , Digital Signatures and Electronic Documents N ° 8454 in force from the 13 / 10 / 2005.

The services offered in the Virtual Agency are subject to the particular conditions established in the contracts concluded between the client and the CNFL, which in turn are complemented by these Terms and Conditions of Use, the Privacy and Security Policy, in everything that is not contradictory with what is expressed in them.

The personal data that the users, whether natural or legal persons, voluntarily provide to the CNFL through the Business Portal and the Virtual Agency will be treated with reservation and only for the purposes of the requested management.

The requests that the user directs to the CNFL through the Business Portal to request the procedures and services offered in the Virtual Agency, do not imply approval of the same. Consequently, all the requests are understood to be made under the condition that the applicant meets the requirements demanded by the CNFL and that the latter approves said request in accordance with the applicable legal system.

Minors can enter the Internet Portal and access the information provided there, but their entry into the Virtual Agency is restricted to perform a procedure or service. The CNFL has created the Educational Portal "Luzydiversión" which is a tool that teaches through the Internet on topics of science, renewable energy, energy saving, natural resources, types and sources of energy. It is clarified that our company does not collect information about minors. Likewise, it is recommended that parents supervise the access and action of their children on the internet.

Links of the Business Portal with other External Websites

The Business Portal may contain links to external websites, which are provided as a service to the user. CNFL does not control or guarantee the accuracy, relevance or completeness of the information contained in the external website.

The user, when accessing the external websites, leaves the CNFL Business Portal and will be subject to the Privacy and Security PoliciesAs well as Terms and conditions of use of the website.

By finding sites outside the CNFL domain, the company is not responsible for the content or policies of those sites.

With respect to external sites, CNFL does not guarantee, express or implied, with respect to the accuracy, adequacy or completeness of a website, of the information obtained from it. Nor does it guarantee that these sites will operate uninterrupted or error-free, or that they will be free of viruses or other harmful components. The use of the information obtained through said websites is at the risk of the user.

The user agrees that the CNFL is not obligated, for any loss or damage, real or consequential, in accordance with what is stated in the present Terms and conditions of useIn particular, the CNFL shall have no obligation for consequential, indirect, punitive, special or incidental, anticipated or unforeseen damages (including, but not limited to, defamation claims, errors, loss of data or interruption in the availability of data), related to these Terms and conditions of use, as well as the ability to use a website, or your confidence in the information obtained through a website.

The user is responsible for any damage and / or damage of any nature caused by failure to comply with these Terms and conditions of use, as well as the Privacy and Security Policy or any applicable regulations, so it releases the CNFL from any civil, criminal, administrative or other liability.

Request to create the user account (a) to enter the Virtual Agency

To obtain the user account and enter the Virtual Agency of the CNFL, the applicant must make the request after proof of identity, must comply with the essential requirements that demonstrate their legitimacy to manage that request, be it in name own or of a third party (natural or legal person). The user account created will be granted free of charge.

In the Virtual Agency Any capable person may request services and carry out procedures on behalf of a client or user, by authorization granted in accordance with Article 283 of the General Law of Public Administration, Law 6227 of the 2 of May 1978 or special, general or general power of attorney . After the document is attached to the Virtual Agency, they are obliged to send to the CNFL the original of the authorization, the special power or the certifications of the general and general powers, as appropriate to be kept in the CNFL.

The CNFL according to the information provided will proceed to authorize or not the creation of the requested user account and in the event that it is verified that there is no legal capacity on the part of the applicant, the request will be denied. In cases where there is already a user account (a) and it is verified that it does not have the capacity to act, the CNFL will block the account immediately.

Responsibility for the use of the account

The user is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their accounts and passwords, as well as restricting access to their computer, since the user accepts responsibility for all activities that occur in the use of their accounts when using the Intranet or some of the restricted access sections available in the CNFL's Business Portal.

The user is fully responsible for all activities carried out with his / her user account in the Virtual Agency of the CNFL, since the same is personal and non-transferable, therefore you can exercise the rights to access, cancel and update your information, including your email address, for that reason they respond, in any case, for the accuracy, accuracy , validity and authenticity of the information provided and undertake to keep it updated.

Payments through the Business Portal, the Virtual Agency and Mobile Applications

The CNFL offers its clients the possibility of paying their bill for electrical services and other procedures or services through their Branches, External Collection Agencies, through the Virtual Agency of the Business Portal and Mobile Applications.

Payment can be made through the Virtual Agency with debit or credit cards of any issuer of the VISA and Master Card brands in the legal currency of Costa Rica (colones) up to a maximum amount of the equivalent in colones to two hundred American dollars, according to the exchange rate provided by the Central Bank.

In the Virtual Agency you can only cancel the receipt for the total invoiced amount, if you want to make partial payments of your receipt you must visit any of our branches.

Before executing your transaction to cancel the electric service receipt you must verify the account numbers and amounts. For your safety, you must keep your equipment updated with the security corrections given by the manufacturer of the corresponding operating system.

The information provided by the user will be used for the purpose that was requested, also the transfer of personal data and the integrity of the Business Portal is protected by the security certificate and the server firewall (iptables) as established in our Privacy and Security Policy.

Safety recommendations

For your own safety, the user who uses the Virtual Agency is recommended to follow the following tips:

-   As responsible for the safe use of access codes to automated media, take care of the privacy of your secret code, for no reason should you share it with third parties.

-   Periodically change the personal identification codes and use different secret codes difficult to guess for the Virtual Agency services that require it.

-   Avoid the use of "obvious" keys such as the digits of your ID, birth years or easy to reproduce sequences such as 1234, 1111, among others.

-   Memorize your secret key, do not carry annotations with your password.

Dispute Resolution

All conflicts that arise as a result of the use of the Business Portal of the CNFL, Mobile Applications and the Virtual Agency will be resolved in accordance with the provisions of the legal system of the Republic of Costa Rica.


The user agrees to indemnify CNFL in case of demand, loss or damages, including legal expenses, resulting from the violation of these Terms and Conditions of use of the Business Portal or the publication of any content that contravenes the applicable legislation and that is contrary to the exceptional established in these Terms and Conditions of Use.

Observations related to Copyright (copyright)

The Business Portal of the CNFL respects and complies with the applicable legislation on Intellectual Property, if you consider that your copyright (copyright) is not being respected you can contact us through our email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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