San José - Goicoechea - Guadalupe (Partial)

Execution of Business Projects
Wednesday, December 09, 2020 07:30 - 17:30
Meeting place
San José - Goicoechea - Guadalupe (Partial)
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Wednesday 09 December 2020

Installation of poles

From 7: 30am to 5: 30pm

Sector comprising:

From the sector in front of the Central America School at the corner of NO 200m on 49A street, from that point it takes two directions, the first towards the SW on Av. 33 100m and the second towards the NE on the same avenue 185m. It also surrounds the sector of the Fair of the Farmer Calle 51 and Calle 49A.
From the SE corner of the farmer's fair 200m SE on Calle 2 and 150m NE Av. 31. Similarly from the Mega Super corner 300m SE on Route 201.
Sites of reference of the area that includes the interruption:
Regional Directorate of Education San Jose Norte
The Kiosko De Ney
Radio Maria
Dental Specialties
Video Landariega
Financial Route
Plaza Poro Shopping Center
Shirley Florist
Neffertiti aesthetic physio
Sofia Repairs
Soca Square
Construction Consulting Arybec SA
Greka times
Pet Zone
Chicharrón Express
Manicure Pedicure Chelac
RECOPE Savings and Loan Fund
Multicompra Supermarket
Narcotics Anonymous
Salvadoran Pupusería
Josand T-shirts
The King Jesuas Barber Shop
Blessed Hands Bakery
Super Tico
Pretty Woman Unisex Lounge
Mayresa Machines And Parts
Consuelo Thompson Lawyer And Notary
American bar
Chicken Farmer
American Xtreme
Macrobiotic Your Health
Gem Furniture
Karina shoe store
Microlabs Clinical Laboratory
Eclipse Events Room
Picolo Castle
Use Big Sale
Butchery Milor
Game Room The Park
Safe Pharmacy
Yahir varieties
Optics Visual Style
Samuelito Bakery
Casa Blanca
The Park Bar
Goicoechea Cemetery Administrative Board
Uniforms 506
Guadalupe Locksmith
Fauca Exhibition Hall
Inversiones Lize SA
Carnes Y Embutidos Goicoechea SA
Savings Fund, RECOPE Home Loan
Radio Maria Association
Board Educ. Esc. América Ctral. Guadeloupe
Inversiones Miples Multiple SA
Goicoechea Municipality
Nase Distribuidora De Cr, SA
Inversiones Roselcor SA
Land Business SA
Mutual Group Alajuela-The Housing
Fernando Oviedo E Son SA
Comercial De Valle SA
Ordóñez Y Compañía SA
Meritorious Fire Department of Costa Rica
Cr Vision Cable
Odontoinnovaciones SA
Fredomaxzu SA
Algui SA
San Gil De Guadalupe SA
Inversiones Carvajal Del Pacífico SA
Favaled Real Estate
Inversiones JYV de Costa Rica SA
Mega Suministros Lrl Sociedad de Responsabilidad Ltda.
Inversiones Trina Y Arturo SA
Diasol DS SA
Mirafendt SA
Transworld Missions Association
Grudeve SA
Inmobiliaria Gudisa De Occidente SA
Finanzas Comerciales Ltda.
Vismonticello Azul SA
Segura Telleria SA
Brisas De La Sierra SA
Jewelry Chez Vous SA
Fuentes Del Miravalles SA
Optica Popular SA
Servicios Contables Y De Control Secof SA
Chiang Hown SA
Guadalupe Lions Club
Corwalt SA
Electrocarro Sa spare parts
Eight Plus Productions SA
Guadalupe Sports Association
Telecable SA
Local Tres Hundred Seventy Three SA
Cantonal Sports Committee of Goicoechea
Inversiones Arera PF SA
Properties Kalanit Inc SA
Jcdecaux Top Media Costa Rica SA
Ministry of Public Works and Transportation
CNFL Administration
Bohemian Textiles Limited
The surrounding areas are houses.
Reference sites that are not included in the interruption area:
Pilar Jimenez School.
Number of affected customers: 422
Note: "Electricity service users located in areas close to the affected sector could experience slight disturbances or momentary power outages."


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