CANCELED - San José -Goicoechea-Guadalupe (Partial)

Execution of Business Projects
Sunday, November 22, 2020 07:30 - 17:30
Meeting place
CANCELED - San José -Goicoechea-Guadalupe (Partial)
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For reasons of force majeure, the suspension of electricity service is canceled.

Apologies for the inconvenience caused.


Sunday 22 of November 2020

Driver installation

From 7: 30am to 5: 30pm

Sector comprising:
From the Calle Blancos Pharmacy 120m NE on Route 109 until you reach the Montelimar Pump.
From this pump it travels on Calle 47 to the NW its 275m. Diagonals 33A (300m), 35 (500m), 35A (490m and 37 (415m) that cross Calle 47 and run from Av.41 to Calle 41 in all their lengths. In turn, the diagonal 37A (325m), 39 (170m) and 39 A (100m) in their entirety. It will also be the sector that runs along Calle 43 from Route 109 to diagonal 35A, as well as Av. 41 from Antigüedades El Pilar towards the NW 875m until reaching the intersection of Calle 45.
From that junction to the SE 525m on Calle 45, and from that same junction on Calle 45 to NW 80m, reaching Av.43 along its 200m length.
Sites of reference of the area that includes the interruption:
Courts of Justice
Montelimar pump
Components The Orb
Minisuper The Courts
San Antonio Office
Hot Chalet
Montelimar Dental Specialties Center
Job Belite
Tripp gargo
The bikina
San Judas Tadeo Geriatric Home
Zeuz Medical
Alfa Y Omega upholstery
11:11 Beauty Salon
Rhema Christian Community
Between Migas
Kids Club Sebastian
Divino Niño Preschool
Super bruncas
Aprelis Aesthetics
Dental Clinic Dr. Petricia Fernández
Edu Studio
Oteros Pizza
Expo Books
97 Terrace
Am Pm
Rest Lousina
Dynatos Gym
Volvo assistance
Super Laredo
Empire Antiques
Lorena car wash
Boulanger Center
Worldwide Parts
Tomtom Wok
Labrado Valley
Signun Lettering
Bazzana Pharmacy
Empenadas El Froton
The Bahia Del Marisco
Wild flower
Jet box
Hospital La Católica, Three-phase connection on the parking lot side (N.Oste side)
Hilda Montero Dental Clinic
Lidia Pérez Pérez Medical Office
Mora Motors
Auto Comfort
Duran control
Alpha Tea
Multi Sporte Gym
Varadero Beauty Salon
Montelimar pool
Travel Agency And Tour Operator
Ross Love Pretige
Super Radio
Canal 38
Salas Cascante Dental Clinic
Lake Mary School
Medical Laser
Cpd Urbanis Tica SA
Procleaning car wash
Spa And Grooming Art
Veterinary clinic
Clinica Santa Ana
Casa Paz Y Bien
Kamiche Communication
Montt Offices
Calle Blancos Pharmacy
Motorcycle Spare Parts White Street
Soda The Blessing
Cevichería Murruco
Assoc. Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Conception
Mangueras Y Fitinerias SA
Ati Capital Solutions SA
Santa Ana Adolescence Clinic
Consultores Aguirre Merida Y Asociados SA
Cara De Tuca SA
Coes Comunicación Del Siglo Xxi SA
General Services J&H Sade SA
Coccio Carranza SA
Gasoline Service Station San Antonio De Guadalupe SA
Supreme Court of Justice Judicial Branch
Real Estate Bra De San José SA
Alfa Tea SRL
Inversiones Montero Sánchez SA
River Gift SA
White Street Pro Ancianos Association
Bolanos Y Durman SA
Taquería El Farolito Tico SA
Atmos Ostional Auto Sociedad De Responsabilidad Ltda.
Buildings Santa Matilde SA
Quintana Y Guzman SA
Bank of Costa Rica
Inversiones Salca Del Norte SA
Banco Improsa SA
Certified Organic Products Eco Lógica SA
Telecable SA
Repuestos M Mundial SA
Los Casero SA
Quinta Daval SA
Rock System Inc SA
Inversiones Miher SA
Kunkor Inversiones SA
Argabal SA
Sochagota Ltda.
Aso. Goicochea Third Age Day Center
Inversiones Rafco SA
Solta SA
Millicom Cable De Costa Rica SA
Calafate SA
Montelugo SA
Zumaya Del Sur SA
Utsupra SA
Filia Number Seven-G San Antonio, SAOSA
Water That You Shouldn't Drink Let It Run
Raquesa Internacional SA
Venice House SA
Nego SA
Mayvi Del Este SA
Inversiones Dimerli Del Norte SA
Maquiladora Bambú SA
Araya Martinez Anita I. Report2905 / 4
Obanso SA
Apartments San Valentín SA
Paula Martínez Mejia SA
Limaka SA
Compañía Constructora GYW SA
Jimenez Varela SA
Inmobiliaria Zuher SA
Inversiones Jeanmari SA
Villas De Montelimar Investments
Stm Gamo SA
Anebre SA
Asesoría E Import Marme Avm SA
Chavarria Barrientos Carlos A
Leaves Of Autumn SA
GYR Garcia Romero SA
Consultora Varmon SA
Bazzano Collina Ltda.
Asoc. Centro Biblico Rhema Barrio San Rafael
CPD Urbanística SA
Javitha SA # 3
Aquiles Y La Tortuga SA
Liz De Cariari SA
Jiva SA
Struck Estevanovic Mariano
Larvil Internacional SA
Corporación Magalva SA
Roma SA Parking
Artesanía Industrial SA
Industrias San Francisco SA
Inversiones Santa Fe Del Este Mms, SA
Compañía Nacional De Fuerza Y Luz SA
Ehg Arquitectura SA
Grupo Almeguer SA
Angora SA
MiO Consultores Mem SA
Inversiones Pio Ltda.
Representations San Jose
Marker Watches Control Duran SA
Ministry of Public Works and Transportation
The Northern Bar SA
Clubs Buena Suerte SA
Inversiones Shelsea SA
Urbanization Neighbors Association M.
Gamo SA Buildings
Inmobiliaria Imepasil SA
Fuscaldo Y Pacheco SC Real Estate
Safiro Oriental SA
Casa De Santa Cruz SA
Calderon Castro Luis A
Real Time SA
The surrounding areas are houses.
Reference sites that are not included in the interruption area:
La Bomba Pharmacy
Gifts And Rich Details
Golden Mall
Danilos Bar
My Tavern
The Chola Tila
Rest Hong Way
Cmsa Medical Consultants
Radiology Dr Solera
Optical Zone
San Jose Laboratory
Hospital La Católica (West Triphasic Connection, only affected by operations)
Number of affected customers:1020
Note: "Electricity service users located in areas close to the affected sector could experience slight disturbances or momentary power outages."




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