San José - Moravia - San Vicente (Partial)

Execution of Business Projects
Wednesday, November 11, 2020 07:30 - 17:30
Meeting place
San José - Moravia - San Vicente (Partial)
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Wednesday 11 November 2020

Installation of poles

From 7: 30am to 5: 30pm

Sector comprising:
In front of the main entrance of the Mega Super Supermarket, from Calle 69 on Avenida Diagonal 53, 450m east to Restaurante Pollo Granjero, and from there 275m north on Calle 75 to Restaurante As de Oros (Avenida 65). 
From the main entrance of Mega Super 75m north on Calle 69 to Motostudio Café Racer CR. 
From the main entrance of Mega Super, from Calle 69 on Diagonal 47 and Avenida 49, 450m west to the southeast corner of Club la Guaria, surrounding streets and surroundings of La Princesa Marina Restaurant.  
Sites of reference of the area that includes the interruption:
Scent flower
Smile Health Clinic
Vapelife Store
Succulent Soda
Karicami Florist
Oko motorcycles
Sushi nights
Green World Ecological Store
JBGS copies
Villa Monica
Carmen María Gutiérrez Orthodontic Clinic
Unik @
Peniel Bookstore
Pet Veterinary
Boutique delusions
Princess Marina Restaurant
Villa Perere
Tecmedia Academy
Carmelita Apartments
Electrical appliances Guadalupe SA
Caserita SA
Inversiones Jiménez Ross SA
Grupo Cuca SA
Grupo Educativo Silvia Hernández SA
Multidisciplinary Office Center of Guaria SA
Rumar de Costa Rica SA
Calan SA
Inversiones Brastu SA
Wan Wan comercial SA
Full Gospel Church of God
Franciscan Religious Congregations
CNFL Administration
Publiex SA
Maucofe del Este SA
Agricultural advance Ltda.

Jcdecaux Top Media Costa Rica SA
Gonza SA
Interamerican Communication Agency SA
Maran Bazala Cororation SA
Marisquería Mar Adentro SA
Sylenry SA
Cabletica SA
CR vision cable
Melendez bolaños Erna Lorena
Varela y Solís SA
Carmen Herdocia and Sons SA
Jun Rox of San José Cinco SA
Costa Rican Institute of Electricity
Surrounding houses
The surrounding areas are houses.
Reference sites that are not included in the interruption area:
Mega Super Supermarket
Number of affected customers:249
Note: "Electricity service users located in areas close to the affected sector could experience slight disturbances or momentary power outages."



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