San José –Moravia-San Vicente- Trinidad (Partial)

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Sunday, November 08, 2020 07:30 - 17:30
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San José –Moravia-San Vicente- Trinidad (Partial)
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Sunday 08 of November 2020

Extension of lines

From 7: 30am to 5: 30pm

Sector comprising:
From the 38 Special firing range 2,5 kilometers to the south on 83 street continuing with 91 avenue and 85A street, to the Torre Fuente complex, including along the route the entire Altivar Condominium and surroundings, as well as the Monte Mayor urbanization , El Ruano street and Nísperos street.
From the Torre Fuente complex 300 meters to the east on transversal 91 and its continuation with avenues 79,75 and calle 91A to the bar el repose, partially including avenues 75 A, 77.
From the Catholic Church of San Blas de Moravia 650 meters east on 71 avenue to the Don Pancho Mall including the entire Girasoles de Moravia residential complex. Additionally, from the Jardines de Moravia Community Center 260 meters to the south on 95th street, partially including the quadrants between 93, 93A, 95 and 69, 67 avenues. 
Sites of reference of the area that includes the interruption:
Don Pancho Mall
El Cedro party room
Los Tucanes Ballroom
La Catrina Nail Center
Sinai store
Altivar Condominium
El Ruano Street
Montemar Residential
Natu Fruit
The AyA Water Treatment Plant
School of Sites
38 Special shooting range
Torre Fuerte Sports Center
The Rest Bar
NB Gym
El Bambú Restaurant
Burgos spare parts workshop
Fersa Precision Mechanics
Elite barbershop
San Blas de Moravia School
Sunflowers Residential
San Blas paintings
Alex shoe repair
Dental clinic Dr. Angelica Li Wong
Global Health Pharmacy
Las Américas Educational Group
Church of San Blas de Moravia
Dog grooming Mascotitas
Escuela de Gestión Hazzol SA
Video San Blas
House of the Elderly
Elohim Beauty Room
San Blas School (476948 meter)
Costa Rican Institute of Aqueducts and Sewers
Gtp Torres Cr Society
Board Educ Esc San Blas De Moravia
Board Educ Esc. The Sites
Soluciones De Alojamiento del Oeste SA
Costa Rican Institute of Electricity
Diproa SA
Montelimar SA Projects
Proyectos Educativos SA
Company M & M Dos Mil Uno SA
Residential Horizontal Condominium Altivar With Farms Filiale
Comercial Unicornio JYA SA
Cr Vision Cable
Finca Arco Iris SA
Guild Two Thousand Two Hundred Twenty Five SA
Heredia RL Coffee Growers and Multiple Services Coope
Hermanos Zeledón Montero SA
Biodegradable Supplies Cr Ltda
Grupo Subasio SA
Quinta Daval SA
Integrated Maintenance Services Pérez Y Zeledón Sociedad
Seguridad Treinta Y Ocho Especial SA
American Ctro Group Tec Constructiva Wc
Terra Moravia Condominio Numero Uno SA
Inversiones Inmobiliarias Resol SA
Andaluz Horse Del Mar SA
Temporalities of the Archdiocese of San José
Trive De Coronado SA
Board Educ Esc. The Sites
Economic Group GH SA
Camacho Y Soto De Costa Rica SA
Tanibete Floral SA
Bodegas RLP SA
Importaciones Carmix SA
Multi Inversiones Jah Internacional SA
Imc Interamericana Mass Media Sa
Development Association Int Jardines De Moravia
Cabletica Corporation
Terra Moravia Condominio Numero Uno SA 
The surrounding areas are houses.
Reference sites that are not included in the interruption area:
Urbanization André Challe
Cen Cinai of The Sites
André Challe AyA treatment plant
Campo Santo La Piedad
Adirana´s Salon
Bakery The Garden of Bread.
Number of affected customers:1187
Note: "Electricity service users located in areas close to the affected sector could experience slight disturbances or momentary power outages."


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