San José -Goicoechea-Guadalupe (Partial)

Execution of Business Projects
Thursday, November 05, 2020 07:30 - 17:30
Meeting place
San José -Goicoechea-Guadalupe (Partial)
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Thursday November 05

Extension of lines

From 7: 30am to 5: 30pm

Sector comprising:
From the Centeno Güell Special Education Center 550 meters to the east on 29 avenue to the Santiago Jara Central Park, partially including the Magnolias sector, streets 43, 43A, 45,47,49.
From the northwest side of the Santiago Jara central park 730 meters north on 53rd street to the Mi Taberna restaurant bar, partially including the Estadio Coyella Fonseca sector, 33rd avenue and 49th streets, 51st.
From the Megasuper Guadalupe 260 meters north on diagonal 35 to Pizza Yuzzy partially including the Santa Cecilia neighborhood, 37 avenue, 57 A, 59 streets.
From the northwest side of the Pilar Jiménez school 420 meters west on diagonal 35 to the CEN-CINAI, partially including the San Antonio sector, avenues 35A, 37, Calle 51.
From the Municipality of Goicoechea 220 meters to the east and 90 north to the Josnar T-shirt store, partially including 33 Avenue and 59 A, 61 streets.
Reference sites in the area that includes the interruption
Rye Güell (meters 1 169 677, 1 089 165, 1 237 286, 492 888 and 680 011)
Dorka Clothing Clinic
American Clothes Renovation
Itiel Beauty Room
Nova Dental
Center of Excellence
Dance Turn
Naty Studio Lounge
Leader Pizza and Chichen
Techno mechanical workshop
CyC legal services
Dental Clinic Dra. Adriana Calderón M.
International Center for Natural Medicine
Electro car workshop
Family Dental Clinic Dra. Ana Sofía López V.
Licda. Gabriela Mora Ortega Lawyer and Notary Public
SC Packaging Solutions
Dequis SA
Super Holy Stone
Guadalupe Missionary Baptist Temple
Lic. Edwin Bonilla Murillo Lawyer and Notary
Xtrem Fitness Gym
Mash Logistics Center
Rhema Academy
D´Hector Beauty Room
La Esquina Sports Canteen
Sebastián Beauty Center
Daniel Barbershop
Pisces Bazaar
Soda adita
Trimmings Belé
PIAF Professional Beauty Academy
Lic. Gerardo Francisco Herrera H. Lawyer and Notary Public
Super L and Y
Family Creations
Jarquin Tailoring
Hippy Landia Vintage
Lapis Lazuli Commercial
Sirmay Salon and Barber
Corella Imports
El Poas Bookstore
World Fashion American Clothing
Jiménez Pharmacy
El Verdugo
QB Bakery
Costa Rica Post Office
Samuelito Bakery
Casa Blanca
Typical restaurant
Shoe-Os shoe store
Betancourt shoe store
Optics Visual Style
Administrative Board of Cemeteries of Goicoechea
Sarabi shoe store
Uniforms 506
Tico Snax
Pan-Tico Cafeteria
Guadalupe Locksmith
Super Multi-purchase Market
Dental Clinic Dra. Eliza Vieira
Lic. Jorge A. González Villegas Lawyer and Notary Public
El Parque Bar
Central Restaurant
Gema Furniture Store # 2
Tienda Monge
Guadalupe CNFL branch (employee parking)
Guadalupe Catholic Church (meters 800 693 and 1 114 186)
Furniture store La Macha
Terra Dent Dental Clinic
The Cave Pawns
Guadalupe Service Center
Barber legends
CER Dentistry
Arnold´s Hairdresser
Kayak CR
Las Cañitas Bar
Pulperia La Nena
Federation of Baptist Associations
Mini Super 5 Bis
William workshop
Shoe Repair Dayana
Altamirano´s Barber Shop
Clear Antenna (898 874 meter)
New Life Physical Therapy
Cross of Love Store
El Flaco Barbershop
Guadalupe macrobiotics
Kevin chickens
Greka times
Guadalupe cheeses
Tuto´s Barber Shop
Pet Zone
American Point
Typical restaurant
Billiards Garrobo´s
Jose Paolo store
Christian Center
Visa Photo
Kei Hong Restaurant
Success Store
Pollo Ranchero Restaurant
Guadalupe phones
Mini Park
Montero Coffee
Campos Pharmacy
The Cheese Cottage
Las marías
La Reina Bakery
JX refills
Meter Kilos
The Biscuit
Chicken Corner
Chapultepec supplier
Chichar roñera Goicoechea
Guadalupe smoothies
Visual Studio Clinic
Food The Farm
Max tacos
Don Quequito Bazaar
Goicoechea butcher
Tulip Bazaar
Progress G and R
Mayline jewelry
Pollos Piolín Restaurant
Sol Major Academy
Guadalupe butcher shop
Minisuper Santa Cecilia
Bonilla Lubricentro
Sofia Bazaar
Olafos Bar
Sciamarellis's Pizza
Ney kiosk
Mega super
Regional Directorate of Education Circuit 01
Anlori Beauty Room
GS Motoparts
Super Mia
Embassy for Peace
Beauty Salon Art and Beauty
Yussy Pizza
Alfonso Segura Workshop
Montelimar Square
Motor Haus
Mundi Car
Vaping shop CR
Reussi Barber Shop
Jimca spare parts
Esbelt Clinic
Comprehensive Clinic
Propace Engineering
Dr. María Jose Quesada Sequeira's Office
Caterer Eliza
Pilar Jiménez School
Xtreme cycle
Audio Video Electronic services
Flora Chacón Kindergarten
Catholic Community Force of God
Heaven's Dream Education
Montecristo Group
Emanuel Geriatric Residence
Children's City Day Care
Provider Santa Marta
Lic. Luis Francisco Barrantes D. Public Accountant
Cristina Studio
Coffee Shop History
Central America Educational Center
Radio Maria
Dental Specialties Dr. Alejandro Montenegro
Video Landariega
Plaza Poro shopping center
SOCA Square
Sofia Repairs
Chicken Farmer
American bar
Sophie Building
Gem Furniture
Picolo Castle
Butchery Milor
Feather Bookcase
Safe Pharmacy
Yahir varieties
RECOPE Savings Fund
Soda El Mana
Super The Tico
Indian Eaten
Tatmar T-shirts
Blessed Hands Bakery
Consuelo Thompson Lawyer and Notary Public
NA Guadeloupe
Guadalupe Firefighters 1-3
Dental Clinic Dr. Juan Pablo Rivera G.
Club of Lions
Salvadoran pupuseria
Josand T-shirts
The King Jeshua barbershop
Sharon T-shirts
Carvajal y Asociados Law Firm
Na-Se Distributor
Public-Public Store
Soda The Good Taste
Central Archive Ministry of Justice
Inversiones Lize SA
Carnes Y Embutidos Goicoechea SA
Savings Fund, Loan, Recope Housing
Aldoleo Limited Liability Company
Claro Cr Telecomunicaciones SA
Radio Maria Association
Gold Sew And Fabrics Corporation
Board Educ.Esc.America Ctral Guadalupe
Plastec Internacional SA
Inversiones Rosa Linda SA
Inversiones Roselcor SA
Inversiones Zaragoza SA
Ordo┬Ñez Y Compañía SA
"Emprendimientos La Constancia J&F SA
Odontoinnovaciones SA
Fredomaxzu SA
Bratwaugh Properties SA
Algui SA
Business Muchnik SA
Fm Logística Global SA
Wison SA
Sixaola De Guadalupe SA
Inversiones Zaragoza SA
La Makuka Del Pilar SA
Inversiones Lorefasa De Grecia SA
Diasol DS SA
Los Mulos De Guadalupe SA
Inmobiliaria Gudisa De Occidente SA
Vismonticello Azul SA
Fuentes Del Miravalles SA
Fm Logística Global SA
Grupo Roan SA
Guzphil SA
Grupo Genizaro Internacional SA
Fuentes Del Miravalles SA
Los Chavales SA
CSZ Corporación Industrial SA
Cabletica SA
Ciudadela Borrase Ltda.
Real Estate Cerdas Calvo Ltda.
Jose Sauter E Hijos Ltda.
Soc. De Cultivos Agric Puente Salas Ltda.
Telefónica Costa Rica Tc SA
Nase Distribuidora De Cr, SA
Via Andora Primo Uno SA
Land Business SA
Comercial De Valle SA
Italpan SA
Frateli SA
Inversionistas SA
Yajabibi SA
Inversiones Masanya De Desamparados, SA
Distribuidora De Repuestos Mantica SA
Comercial De Valle SA
Gutiérrez Rodríguez SA Family
Ocasiones Del Valle SA
Inversionistas SA
Castillo Y Chinchilla SA
CompaÒia Nacional De Fuerza Y Luz SA
Inmobiliaria Fazil FZL S. A
Inversiones Dexi SA
Construcción Urbana De Guadalupe SA
Inversiones Covadonga ASTUR SA
Millicom Cable De Costa Rica SA
Inmobiliaria Fazil FZL S. A
Servicios Analiticos Sasa SA
San Gil De Guadalupe SA
Inversiones JYV De Costa Rica SA
Inversiones Carvajal Del Pacifico SA
Ind.Consolidadas De Refrescos SA
Inmobiliaria Hermanos Brilla SA
Inversiones Sachi El Alto SA
Corporación Lyonsone SA
Servicio Grafico Comercial SA
Quirós Coto Hermanos SA
Valle Hermoso Cibeltuk SA
Inversiones Trina Y Arturo SA
RM Properties SA
Inversiones Juanjo SA
Green Light Empire SA
Rubier SA
Importaciones Alchava SA
Inversiones Carvajal Del Pacifico SA
Frateli SA
Anebre SA
Grudeve SA
La Original Goya Del Pacifico SA
Servicio Grafico Comercial SA
Agricola La Margarita SA
Segura Telleria SA
Inversiones Wang Yin SA
Servicio Grafico Comercial SA
Natidecal SA
Inversiones Juanjo SA
Grupo Jurídico JYA SA
Anebre SA
Grudeve SA
Lluvia De Luz SA
Brisas De La Sierra SA
Óptica Popular SA
Proyección Dual SA
Servicios Contables Y De Control Secof SA
Inmobiliaria Fazil FZL S. A
Gutiérrez Rodríguez SA Family
RM Properties SA
Corwalt SA
Zamora Burgos SA
Korelasa SA
Inmobiliaria Fazil FZL S. A
Proyectos Y Realizaciones Pyrsa SA
Real Estate Developer De Goico Jh SA
Castillo Y Chinchilla SA
Inversiones Famagra Guadalupe SA
Telecable SA
Inmobiliaria Hermanos Brilla SA
Korelasa SA
Servicio Grafico Comercial SA
Transportes Publicitarios De Tibas SA
Ibw Comunicaciones SA
Inmobiliaria Nuevo México SA
Jcdecaux Top Media Costa Rica SA
Inversiones Carvajal Del Pacifico SA
Inmobiliaria Hermanos Brilla SA
Super Nova Gamming SA
Grupo Jurídico JYA SA
Inmobiliaria Fazil FZL SA Board Educ.Esc.America Ctral Guadalupe
Board of Educ.Guadalupe Centro Esc.Pilar J.
Board of Adm.Educ. Esp Centeno Güell
Association of the Ordinary Friars Minor of CR
Guadalupe Missionary Baptist Temple Association
Costa Rican Red Cross Association
Feder. Of Asoc. Bautistas de Costa Rica
Association of Trans-World Missions
Strength of God Association
Guadalupe Sports Association
Association Baptist Theological Seminary D CR
Benemerito Fire Department of Costa Rica
Industrial engineer
Services Of Costa R Gmg
Goicoechea Municipality
Costa Rican Institute of Electricity
Temporalities of the Archdiocese of San Jose
Mega Suministros Lrl Limited Liability Company Inversiones Internac Francisco De Atenas
Association of Trans-World Missions
Cnfl Administration
Shum and Sons Investments
Coopebacen RL
The surrounding areas are houses.
Reference sites that are not included in the interruption area:
Euromatic systems
Nutrition and Cooking Clinic
Palacios Bakery
Caribean Vape
Buy and Sell La Princesita
GA brakes
Super Victoria
Dreamy Dresses
Soda The Good Night
Kabel Elektro
Red Star
La Aceituna Parking
Directorate of Human Development Municipality of Goicoechea
Center for Community Organizations Municipality of Goicoechea
Acetatos Café and Bar
Game station
Soda Side Tico
Fishmonger Puntarenas
Velox Bar
AyA Guadalupe
Josmar T-Shirts
Soda Dona Maria
LG service center
Guadalupe Family Medical Center
Cheeses The Blessing
Yadiva Beauty Room
Alex Glass and Mirrors
JG Consultores
Sinai Store
Arguedas Hardware Center
ABCO service
High Tide Boutique
Paintings "Well Cantao María Jose
Soda El Pelon
Good Price Store
Angust Furniture
The Guadalupano
Family pizza
Dental house
Tico Fries
Benemerita Red Cross
AA central group Guadalupe
Zone Fruit
Bar My Tavern
Willy Service Center
Esthetics Anita
Coyella Fonseca Stadium
Maxi Pali
Provider God Is.
Number of affected customers: 1556
Note: "Electricity service users located in areas close to the affected sector could experience slight disturbances or momentary power outages."



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