San José -Goicoechea-Guadalupe (Partial)

Execution of Business Projects
Wednesday, October 28, 2020 07:30 - 17:30
Meeting place
San José -Goicoechea-Guadalupe (Partial)
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Wednesday 28 October 2020

Extension of lines.

From 7: 30am to 5: 30pm

Sector comprising:
From Bar la Guaria 525 meters to the west on National Route 109 to the Guadalupe electricity sub station, partially including 51, 49,55A and 41 avenues.
From Las Manitas Bakery 260 meters to the north on diagonal 37 continued on 57 street to the soccer field in the Independence neighborhood, partially including 41A avenue.
Sites of reference of the area that includes the interruption:
Burn T
El pilar antiques
Esquivel Art
El Dorado Mall
Soda The Fusion
Lavacar El Dorado
Condominios La Católica (adm. Offices)
Danilos Bar
Constructions I. CH.
Almonza y Cía
Charlotte Catering and Events
Integral TF
Mora Motors SA
Montelimar Clinical Center
Nova Tech
People Style Salon and Aesthetics
Dr. Horacio Quesada Venegas Dental Center
Motorcycle Spare Parts
Pizzas pal Oven
Happy Town
Carthaginian Soda
OPI Nails
Copier Solutions Group SA
Monte limar bakery
Fut 5 Independence neighborhood
Said Provider
Automotive cable factory
Chola Tila Restaurant
Latin art
Decorated Metals
Mini Super Jorma
Mining upholstery
Gamboa Materials
Shoe Repair Megan
Super Way Dak
Volta-G batteries
Bar Club 99
Carvajal Distributor
Millicom Cable De Costa Rica SA
Ati Capital Solutions SA
Centro Comercial Mall Alajuela SA
Pricose Primera Soc. Insurance Agency
Valle De Nuria SRL
Hermanos Prado SA
Franciscan Religious Association of the Good Samaritan
Mall El Dorado Condominium
3-102-689960 SRL
Inversiones Trina Y Arturo SA
Grupo Jurídico Alco SA
Bayso SA
Officeentro Las Margaritas SA
Inversiones Cruz Y Vargas SA
Sesotresa SA
Samperjo SA
Masinca Materiales Sintéticos Para Calzado Ltda.
Bayso SA
Corporación Camime SA
Taller Segura Castillo SA
If you go to
Assoc. Development Pro Mejoras Barrio Independencia Guadalupe
Kivha De San Vicente SA
Serigraph Arco Iris Del Sur Sa
Rilax Manuel Antonio Quepos Condominiums
Imc Interamericana Mass Media Sa
La Venus Del Espejo SA
Color Vision SA
Gas Tomza De Costa Rica SA
Metaltura Radio Link SA
Proyección Dual SA
Fregil SA
Yav Ingenieros Consultores SRL
Alli Con Internacional SA 
The surrounding areas are houses.
Reference sites that are not included in the interruption area:
La Artesana Bakery
Alfonso Segura Workshop
Bar My Tavern
Montelimar Square
Willy Service Center
Peke Bakery
Super The Seagull
Number of affected customers:437
Note: "Electricity service users located in areas close to the affected sector could experience slight disturbances or momentary power outages."



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