San José -Goicoechea-Guadalupe (Partial)

Execution of Business Projects
Saturday, October 10, 2020 07:30 - 17:30
Meeting place
San José -Goicoechea-Guadalupe (Partial)
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Saturday 10 October 2020

Line installation

From 7: 30am to 5: 30pm

Sector comprising:
From the Baptist Missionary Temple 310 meters to the east on 29 avenue to the central park Santiago Jara partially including 53,51, 49 and XNUMX streets. 
From the good night soda 245 meters to the south on 49 street to the pools of Goicoechea including partially 27 avenue.
Reference sites in the area that includes the interruption
Mini Park
Guadalupe phones
Typical restaurant
Jose Paolo
Quick Photos
Christian Center
Kei Hong Restaurant
The success
Ranchero Chicken
The Cheese House
Refills Jx
The Queen Bakery
Guadalupe butcher shop
Tweety Rest
G Major Music Academy
Super and Tulip Bazaar
Max tacos
Jewelry and Watches May Line
Plastics El Progreso Gyr
Goicoechea butcher
Don Quequito
Food The Farm
Studio Visual clinic
Greaves Goicoechea
Chapultepec # 2 supplier
Guadalupe smoothies
Municipality of Goicoechea Human Development Directorate
Community Organizations Center
lapis lazuli
Sirmay Salon And Barber Shop
Hippy landia
super lyy
Jarquin Tailoring
Family Creations
The Sports Cantina Corner
Trimmings Bele
Soda adita
Super Victoria
Ga brakes
Palacios Bakery
Sebastian Beauty Center
D'hector Beauty Room
Mash Logistics Center
Rhema Academy Of Music And Art
Inmobiliaria Puerta Del Sol SA
Via Andora Primo Uno SA
Ciudadela Borrase Ltda.
Goicoechea Municipality
"Emprendimientos La Constancia J&F SA
Costa Rican Social Security Fund
Inversiones Masanya De Desamparados, SA
Yajabibi SA
Correos De Costa Rica SA
Castillo Y Chinchilla SA
Comp Industrializadora Y Comp Pio Pio Sa
Grupo Jurídico JYA SA
Cabletica SA
Repuestos Electrocarro SA
Construcción Urbana De Guadalupe SA
Echandi Y Martínez SA
Suva Consultores Internacionales SA
Distribuidora La Orquídea SA
La Original Goya Del Pacifico SA
Grupo Jurídico JYA SA
Costa Rican Red Cross Association
Inversiones Wang Yin SA
Poker De Jotas SA
Grupo Jurídico JYA SA
Importaciones Alchava SA
Association of Trans-World Missions
Guzphil SA
Grupo Roan SA
Citadel Borrase Ltda
Reparadora De Llantas Monge SA
Castillo Y Chinchilla SA
Los Chavales SA
Procargo Service Internacional SA
Goicoechea Municipality
Grupo Roan SA
CNFL Administration
Orchid Garden Dak SA
Super Nova Gamming SA
Ministry of Public Works and Transportation 
The surrounding areas are houses.
Reference sites that are not included in the interruption area:
Red Cross
Acetates Cafe And Bar
Butcher shop La Unión
Guadalupe Baptist Missionary Temple
Municipality of Goicoechea Central Building
super holy stone
Number of affected customers:294
Note: "Electricity service users located in areas close to the affected sector could experience slight disturbances or momentary power outages."


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