San José -Goicoechea-Guadalupe (Partial)

Execution of Business Projects
Sunday, September 27 of 2020 07:30 - 17:30
Meeting place
San José -Goicoechea-Guadalupe (Partial)
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Sunday 27 of September 2020

Extension of lines

From 7: 30am to 5: 30pm

Sector comprising:
From the south side of the Guadalupe Wallmart 850 meters east on 31 avenue to the central park of Guadalupe partially including 49 and 47A streets.
From the Municipal Cemetery of Guadalupe 300 meters to the east on 29 avenue to the Fernando Centeno Güell School of Special Education.
From the commercial Zebol SA 700 meters to the south on the ring road to the Flag roundabout including the entire Miraflores Urbanization located between avenues 19,21, 23 and streets 35,37,39,41,43.
Reference sites in the area that includes the interruption
Maxi Pali
Jiménez Institute
Soda the Good Taste
Casa Blanca
Gollo Warehouse
Uniforms 506
Goicoechea Cemetery Administrative Area
Costa Rica Post Office
MUlticompra supermarket
Guadalupe Locksmith
Fauca showroom
Dra Elza Vieira dental clinic
Butcher shop La Unión
Fishmonger Puntarenas
Aqueducts and Sewers
VyV embroidery
Mega fabrics
Mutual Group
Malavasi ice cream
Soda Christmas Eve
Motorcycle Parts Chuvy
Lanco Paintings
El Tepeyac Religious Art
South Store
popular Bank
city ​​Hall
CR idea
Mugui SA
The Hydrant Resort and Spa
Santa Clara Medical Center
Mihogar Furniture
Rojas Shopping Center
Guadalupe Cars
Itsmo Center
Ministry of Justice and Peace
Bomb One
Dr Muñoz Pharmacy
Corporación De Supermercados Unidos SRL
Goicoechea Municipality
Building Armo SA1
Livigupa SA
Goicoechea Municipality
World of Opportunity Foundation
Inversiones Lize SA
State-Ministry of Culture Youth
Inversiones Miples Multiple SA
Maferte FYM SA
Costa Rican Institute of Electricity
Abcdefg De Costa Rica Sociedad Anonima
Idea SA
Sur Química, Sociedad Anónima
World of Opportunity Foundation
Mutual Group Alajuela-The Housing
OrdoÑez Y Compañía SA
Telefónica Costa Rica Tc SA
Land Business SA
Costa Rican Institute of Aqueducts and Sewers
Fernando Oviedo E Son SA
Comercial De Valle SA
Los Gabelos SA
Roceco Rojas Centro Comercial SA
Maferte FYM SA
PSV Inversiones SA
Millicom Cable De Costa Rica SA
Comercial De Valle SA
Zebol SA
Cr Vision Cable
Idea SA
Mutual Group Alajuela-The Housing
Cantonal Sports Committee of Goicoechea
Adrikafer SA
Discavo Del Valle Dorado SA
Color Vision SA
Favaled Real Estate
Board Educ.Esc.America Ctral Guadalupe
San Gil De Guadalupe SA
Roceco Rojas Centro Comercial SA
Finanzas Comerciales Ltda.
Rogejo SA
Tropezon Del Sur Sa
Children's Recreational Garden Foundation
Centro Medico Santa Clara Larof SA
Clínica Y Farmacia Veterinaria Guadalupe SA
Casa Famosa SA
Association of Trans-World Missions
National Theatre
Mirafendt SA
Nugu S.As
Inversiones Rosa Internacional SA
Grupo Jurídico Alco SA
Inversiones Miples Multiple SA
Automotive Solutions Central America
Chiang Hown SA
NS De San Pablo Siete Seven SA
Eight Plus Productions SA
Inversiones Miples Multiple SA
Discavo Del Valle Dorado SA
Puentes Y Calzadas Grupo De Empresas SA
Vallas Y Gigantografias De Costa Rica SA
Dak Sa Orchid Garden
Color Vision SA
Yolvy And Viasney Limited Company
Inversiones Miples Multiple SA
Mirafendt SA
Proyección Dual SA
Caravana Internacional SA
Inversiones Miples Multiple SA
Idea SA
Rach Dos Mil SA
Gold Sew And Fabrics SA
Inversiones Esema SA
Momotalo SA
Local Tres Hundred Seventy Three SA
Marian Daniels SA
Titan Representations And Supplies Ltd
Inversiones Chou Oversea S, A
3-101-588245 SA
Properties Kalanit Inc SA
Ministry of Public Works and Transportation
Cnfl Administration
Taller Mundomotos Ltda Srl
El Procer SA
Chiang Hown SA
The surrounding areas are houses.
Reference sites that are not included in the interruption area:
La Central Restaurant
Gorilla imports
Shoes Os
Soda the corner of the rodeos
Fire Department
Number of affected customers:672
Note: "Users of electric service located in areas close to the affected sector may experience slight disturbances or momentary power cuts".

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Electric Service Suspensions

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