San José –Moravia-San Vicente- Trinidad (Partial)

Execution of Business Projects
Sunday, September 13 of 2020 07:30 - 17:30
Meeting place
San José –Moravia-San Vicente- Trinidad (Partial)
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Sunday 13 of September 2020

Installation of poles

From 7: 30am to 5: 30pm

Sector comprising:
From the Rivesa Workshop 445 meters to the west on 63 avenue to the Municipality of Moravia partially including streets 75, 73,71,69,71B, 71 A, 71C, and avenue 61.
From the North Side of the San Vicente Ferrer Parish 525 meters east on National Route 102 to the intersection with Calle 77.
From the public library of Moravia 800 meters west on 67 avenue to the National Bank partially including 75 street.
From the Delta Moravia pump 400 meters north on 69 street to the Center for Educational Innovation including 69 avenue.
From the Karicami florist 450 meters to the north on diagonal 53 to Pollo Granjero commercial including partially avenue 59.
Sites of reference of the area that includes the interruption:
Rivesa Workshop
Monge Precision Concepts
Seeds Preschool
Gran Fortuna Restaurant
Lavacar Rhodium
The wheel
My Green Village Crafts
Jyj Financial Services
Orthopedic Genescuet
Le Bristo Cafe
Super Pharmacy Pharmacy
Kys Hair Salon
Diashci meats
Alinas Boutique
Soda Tierra Firme
Delta pump
Doctor And Doctor Pharmacy
Moravian cheeses
Grupo Ins Insurance Agent
Beauty secrets
Gazel sunglasses
Moto Spare Parts La 33
Clean Cut Beb Barbeshop
Gq Watches And Jewelry
Shoe Os Shoe Store
Bog Soda Products
Rest Thousand Tastes
Grupo AA Moravia
Rest. Oriental Roses
Brawar Barber Shop
Sparkles Jb
Raysiel Naturist Center
Lym American Clothing
Tiffany Boutique
Dental Clinic Smile Tica
Delta Service Center
Tutty Pizza
Super Victoria
Soda ebenezer
Soda And Cheese Factory La Vacaquita Feliz
Hermanos Vargas fabrics
Ccss San Vicente Headquarters
Rest. Oriental Chef
Foot Health
Rest. Ace Of Pentacles
Mye Consultants
Grace Baptist Church
Super San Juan
XNUMXst Century Modern Introduction Center
Bakery And Pastry Bread Bread Cafe
La Gracia Baptist Church
Bookstore And Bazaar Cavi
EATON factory
Diamond Paper Straws
Canine aesthetics Happy Dog
Doña Sofía Condominium
Lubricentro Villagra
Carma stores
Mari´S Memories Craft Store
Frigia store
Aesthetic Dental Clinic Dr. Julio E. Alfaro Del Valle
Moravia Clinical Laboratory
Crystal Pole Dance Studio
Uni: K Advertising
Presitos Pasitos
Cea Audiological Specialties
Valeska butcher shop
Bakery Barrio Lujan
Tortillas Las Cervanteñas
Meat San Vicente
Office Center Jr
Of all hardware
Telefónica Ice Tower (Meter 898780)
EATON Electrical SA
Desarrollos Chubut SA
Congregation of Franciscan Religious M
Solimira SA
Christian Association Oasis Of Hope, With ACOE Acronyms
Hispanic Coalition S, A
El Mejora Chef Changshen SA
Tailoring Unión De Vindas Y Alvarado Srl.
Costa Rican Institute of Electricity
Repuestos Retana SA
Housing Promotion Foundation
Claro Cr Telecomunicaciones SA
Soluciones Comestibles Smm SA
Maria Inmaculada De Moravia College Association
Central American Distillery
Coasin Costa Rica SA
Hispanic Coalition S, A
Telecable SA
Conchetuma SA
Condozenit Tres C Ltda
Inversiones Reelé SA
Cmr Karoso SA
Leomilac SA
Carma De Costa Rica SA
Cerraduras Y Accesorios Decorativos Cadsa SA
Assoc.Cost.Sobre Curriculum in Education.
Alquileres Moravia SA
Latin America Global Business Group SA
Housing Promotion Foundation
Cahrvi SA
Condozenit Seven G Limited
Isa Industrial Integration
Olam De Vcc SA
Condomaria Tres C SA
Instrumentation Médica Y Dental De Centroamérica SA
Vikita Del Norte SA
Distribuidora Jerome SA
The Muses of Eden SA
Alcajovi SA
Association For International Christian Development In Cos
Grupo Cucaña SA
Condozenit Cinco E SA
Montero Umaña Ltda.
Industrias Del Este SA
Eurojoseca SA
Ribekala Ríos SA
Grupo Educativo Silvia Hernández SA
Jobenz SA
Hermanos Corrales Solis SA
Centro Educativo Semillitas SA
Inversiones Solis Cabrera De Coronado SA
Inversiones Kenzi SA
Las Chiquitas De Ligia SA
The Zumba SA
Dajosvocho SA
Juan Y Felicia SA
Lovetty SA
El Potro SA
Real estate. De Negocios R & S De Moravia SA
Florescam Fbcf SA
Commercial Documents and Rentals Delnorte
Kenny Y Max SA
Recubrimientos Metallic SA
Hong Tian SA
Cnfl Administration
Ministry of Public Works and Transportation
Servicios Agro SA
Effects Graphics Act SA
Radiographic Costarricense SA
Church of God Complete Gospel Karisma SA
The surrounding areas are houses.
Reference sites that are not included in the interruption area:
Moravia recycler
Maria Condominium
Public Library
Moravia Municipality
Asian Wok Restaurant
SC Dental Center
63 Street Shopping Center
National Bank of Costa Rica
Caccio´s Bar
Office Licensed Coralia Bolaños Notary Lawyer
Freddy Masis store
Number of affected customers:978
Note: "Users of electric service located in areas close to the affected sector may experience slight disturbances or momentary power cuts".

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