San José -Moravia-San Vicente (Partial)

Execution of Business Projects
Tuesday, August 18 of 2020 07:30 - 17:30
Meeting place
San José -Moravia-San Vicente (Partial)
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Tuesday August 18, 2020

Installation of poles

From 7: 30am to 5: 30pm

Sector comprising:
From the southeast side of the Plaza Lincoln shopping center 676 meters south on national route 109 to the Biker cycle, partially including avenues 53.
From the AMPM supermarket 355 meters south on Calle 53 to the east entrance of the Colegio Nuestra Señora de Sion and from this point 245 meters south continuing on Avenida 49 A.
From the North side of the Moravia Cemetery 212 meters east on 57th avenue to Tulum apartments, partially including 57th street. From the south side of Saint Francis College, 315 meters south on 57th street to the Harper florist, partially including Avenue. 53.
From Los Colegios Medical Center 615 meters to the west on 51 avenue to the Los Huastecos condominium, partially including 41 A, 43,43A, 45 streets.
Reference sites in the area that includes the interruption
Chirripó Waterfall
Gallery Art
Biker cycle
Banco Davivienda
Diamond furniture
Techno Computer
Rustic Breads
Lottery agency
Soda La Casita De Daysi
Apt. The Colleges
Los Colegios Medical Center
South Sector Sant Francis School
Apts Bonaire
Jessamine Florist
Pizza Hut
Sushi to go
Transnational Wash
Ze Dances
Sion College
Ministry of Health
Annia Apts
Sil vet
Taco Bell
Super Pantry
Super Tiquicia
Fast prinst
Golden Square
Banco Lafise
Graphic Derma
general Bank
Dental Specialties Colleges
Harvest Nursery
Tica Vision
Saint Francis North Side
Food This Lincoln Square
Ubilla Clinic
Best brands
Nursing home
Lincoln Condominium
Sueños Inmobiliarios SA
Corporación De Supermercados Unidos SRL
Inversiones Am Pm SA
Lincoln Rfp SA Real Estate
TBSA Investments
Crb Restaurants Limited
Tienda Yamuni SA
Comidas Centroamericanas SA
Better Burger Corporation
Desarrollos Gastronómico De Costa Rica Corp. SA
Gpcr Stores Costa Rica SA
Clínica Montero Y Asociados SA
Onahama Del Norte SA
Coleg Sion Educational Cultural Association
Imc Interamericana Mass Media Sa
Wow Retrail SA
Banco Promérica De C
Pro Moda Limited
Banco General Costa Rica SA
Miniso De Costa Rica SA
Ctf Stores Costa Rica SA
Compañía Americana De Helados SA
Pasarella Intima SA
Friars Minor Conventual
Life Store Corpp SA
Propiedades Air SA
Guila Arte Y Técnica Sociedad Anónima
Smart Cell Corporation
Telefónica Costa Rica Tc SA
TEC Tecnología En Calzado SA
Costa Rican Institute of Electricity
Astillas Del Roble Alto SA
Inversiones Prompex SA
Desing Shoes SA
Telefónica Costa Rica Tc SA
TPC Costa Rica SA
Costa Rican Social Security Fund
Industrias Bruma SA
Carlos Federspiel And Company
Tourism Investments Central America Corporation
Adoc De Costa Rica SA
Investments Romalisa Limitada
Five Thousand One Hundred Ulloa-Ottonelli Corporation
Hermann Schmidt Y Cía SA
Yok Medios Costa Rica SA
Du Gamla-Du Fría Limited
Inversiones Bolaños Guevara Corporation
Telecommunications and TE Networks in Central America
Viviendas Funcionales SA
Salcabamba SA
Inversiones Celeste SA
TEC Tecnología En Calzado SA
Itzval SA
Corporación Divisional SA
El Cas Moraviano SA
Inversiones Rodvalls SA
Team Gente Ctr SRL
Hh Comercializadora Directa SA
Anaximandes Financial Corp. SA
Agroforester Indigenous and Peasant Coordinating Association
Loyola Apartments Limited
Imporbel SA
La Vina Ltda.
Oropel SA
Services Catedral Cinco Ltda
Cfk Creatividad Para Niños SA
Codatec SA
Echandi Meza SA
Corporación Costa Victoria SA
Cia Nacional Financiera SA
Smart Mobile Corporation
Forestales Ciasa SA
Saprissa Heart Rsa SAD
Anaximandes Financial Corp. SA
Corporación Costa Rica Moderna SA
Fundo Brazaletes Morados SA
Hernán Loaiza SA
Trading Company SA
Mofemi Corporation
Eucorurbano Limited company
Chanartin SA
Tata Y Nana SA
Inversiones Callim SA
Green Pearls Of The Tropics Limited Company
Plaza Dorada SA
The Adobe House Limited Company
Inversiones Arjenzo SA
Inversiones Comunes SA
Productos Y Riquezas De La Tierra Costarricense SA
Cia Nacional Financiera SA
Grupo Altum MP SA
La Fragata SA
Corporación De Gimnasios Unidos CGU SA
Agencia Datsun SA
Agencia De Viajes Colón SA
Investment Fund Ins Inmob. Not diversified
Publiex SA
Importaciones Loarce De San José SA
Ministry of Public Works and Transportation
Bakerfield Inc SA
The surrounding areas are houses.
Reference sites that are not included in the interruption area:
Seiku Restaurant
Chicken boom
Maria Caterina Spirituality House
El Cortijo Residential
From home
Best brands
La Carolina Residential
Number of affected customers: 462
Note: "Users of electric service located in areas close to the affected sector may experience slight disturbances or momentary power cuts".

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