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Request your Eco Billing

With the suppression of the printing of the physical invoice, the CNFL makes available to our clients the sending of the digital invoice, for which we thank you to fill out the following form and attach a valid identification of the owner of the service; in the case of companies, legal status with no more than one month of issuance and identification of the legal representative.

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In the last printed invoice sent to the customer, the CNFL will include a notice informing them about the deletion of invoices and urging them to request that their invoice be sent by email. In addition, a card (on paper) will be delivered to the client where they can write down their NISE number and Location, this is important information to make payments in any of our internal and external collection entities. Each Branch must deliver these notices and cards to Correos de Costa Rica so that they can attach them to the invoices in the corresponding month.

The CNFL offers its customers more than 4.000 payment points where they can cancel their invoice, these are only the external collectors, for example, financial institutions and all the collectors of the BN Servicios network, ranging from supermarkets to grocery stores.

Our customers can obtain information about their billing through several means:

to. Text messages or SMS where the CNFL reports to the customer the amount of their billing and the date of expiration.

b. We also have the option to check the amount of the pending invoice from our website.

C. Another facility that CNFL customers have is to check their billing from the CNFL APP, this can be downloaded from your cell phones and with this application you will have access to important data about your billing. d. In addition to this our customers can join to receive monthly billing through email.

Where to request your Eco Billing?

The means where the client can request the sending of the invoice by means of electronic mail are:




This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Telephone line:

800-energy (800-3637442)

Branches and Agencies of the Compañía Nacional de Fuerza y Luz SA

Social Network:

Facebook / Twitter

WhatsApp (8319-5273)


What benefits does our client have when requesting the sending of invoices to their email ?:

  • The invoice will arrive directly to your email, which is why only the person who manages the email will have access to this data.
  •  The information on the amount to be paid for your invoice will reach you immediately.
  • Your invoice can be consulted from any device.


The Commercialization Department, through the Commercial Processing System (SIPROCOM), developed the new format, which incorporates the following changes:

Address by province, canton and district for a more exact and complete customer location.

  • Substation and circuit: these data will allow the client to know and have a greater detail of the location of their service within the CNFL's distribution network
  • Inclusion of "Cost per kWh of public lighting", to facilitate customer calculations.
  • Whole sheet format for a better distribution and more space in the information fields.
  • Lower belt with all means of contact, thus providing the client with ease of communication and the possibility of carrying out procedures and inquiries.
  • Reverse with valuable information of interest (Virtual Agency Services, App facilities).

To see the detail in each invoice by type of rate: Click Here

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