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CNFL receives recognition

Carbon Neutral Plus for the periods 2019 and 2020.




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CNFL Hydroponic Kit

CNFL Hydroponic Kit

Sales place: CNFL Sustainability and Energy Farm in Dulce Nombre de Coronado, Barrio la Gallera.

*** When you buy from the kit you get ***

A free Introduction to Home Hydroponics workshop!

(Ask about this royalty)


CNFL logoCNFL receives recognition for the fifth consecutive year as a Carbon Neutral company

- Thanks to the emission reduction and removal efforts, we achieved a net balance of 100% of neutralized greenhouse gas emissions




CNFL logo25 Park 1 Park companies receive CNFL Green Award

- Award is based on the country's recognized energy matrix.

- Companies carried out their commercial activities with 97.9% of energy from renewable sources.




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    5 Avenue, 1 and 0 Street, Central Offices, San José, Costa Rica

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    (506) 2295-5000 / Monday to Friday from 7 am to 6 pm

  • Ext:

    10026-1000 San José, Costa Rica

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