Image of two meters embedded in a wallSINPE payment system

- What is a Payment System?

- What is SINPE?

- More ease for our customers

- How does it work?

- How to join?

Image of a CNFL worker and a meter2019 Energy Quality Monitoring Program

- CNFL reports on the execution of power quality monitoring.

- List of intervention areas.



Image of a notebook that refers to Electronic BillingOur customers have access to Electronic Invoice

- From 1 November of 2018.

- More than 565.000 clients

- According to Resolution R-DGT-048-2016.


Image of a house with yellow walls and red roof on a green round surfaceThe Challenge of Savings

- "Because playing is not just for boys and girls."




Black background image with drawings in green simulating technologyMeeting of technologies

In the beginning of the colony, the artifacts that were used for household chores were very different from today.




Image of a led bulbThe light bursts where no sun shines

- The presence of LED in the market has made lighting a really fundamental element. Especially due to its great versatility in terms of colors, sizes and energy efficiency.

- One of the trends we like most is sustainability.

No technology can already be a trend if it is not sustainable and in this area the LED is outstanding.

LED bulbs are environmentally friendly as they contain no contaminating elements and all their components are recyclable.


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