Image of a house with yellow walls and red roof on a green round surfaceThe Challenge of Savings

- "Because playing is not just about boys and girls."

The game is the most enjoyable activity that human beings have. From birth to use of reason, this allows entertainment and learning at the same time.

The game is an essential tool that allows:

• Develop cognitive, social and motor skills.

• Act as a source of relaxation and stimulation for both the brain and the body, both for children and adults.

It is therefore a safe and fun way to develop imagination and creativity and the ability to solve problems. Even at work, the game can also take work and make the workday more productive and enjoyable.

"It is essential to continue playing when we are adults."

For this reason, in this month we wanted to celebrate and commemorate the 21 October, World Energy Saving Day, inviting you to play and learn with our game “The Challenge of Savings".

Through challenges and trivia in each area of ​​the house, you can help a family reduce their energy consumption (kWh). You dare?

How to play? follow the following link: Click here

Image of a yellow box inviting you to enter the game The Savings Challenge.

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