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If you are one of those people who every time you open your refrigerator you feel frustrated to see that your food is damaging and you think that this is a problem of food and not of your refrigerator, you should rethink this, since in many cases this situation obeys to a technological factor of the appliance.

Image of an open refrigerator

The latest technology

New technologies (Twin Cooling) offer users the possibility of keeping food fresher and more humid, because its freezer has an independent cooling system, which ensures a correct and effective level of temperature and humidity. In addition, this new line of refrigerators contributes to the care of the environment using less energy than a conventional refrigerator.

The technology (Twin cooling) is one that allows to optimize the control of humidity and temperature, since they have thermostats in different points, which help to keep the compressor consuming only the energy necessary to maintain the temperature at the correct level, avoiding peaks in the consumption of electricity.

An important feature is that it has different humidity; which is regulated to favor the conservation of food, especially vegetables, while in the freezer, humidity is regulated to avoid extreme freezing and the formation of ice or frost.

The fact of having a different motor for the refrigerator means that there is no energy loss in the freezer when opening it, which translates into much less effort for the freezer motor, keeping the temperature in the ideal range.

Benefits of this new technology.

Your food will last longer fresh.

They allow to store different foods and drinks in the best conditions so that they remain fresh and tasty for longer.

Keep the freshest food, being a benefit of the utmost importance in a refrigerator, as it allows us to prepare a good breakfast or lunch for the family, without neglecting the consumption of electricity.

Maintains natural flavors and aromas: The system works with separate air flows. This system guarantees the taste, smell and freshness of stored food, keeping them preserved in the best conditions avoiding the mixing of odors.

Help the planet by conserving resources and reducing the consumption of electrical energy in the house.

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