CNFL technicians who train to improve continuity of electric serviceCNFL technicians are trained to improve continuity of electric service

- Construction and maintenance of networks with voltage is priority.

- Company has a first level training center.

San José, March 13 of 2018. During the month of March, more than 40 technicians from the Compañía Nacional de Fuerza y Luz (CNFL) receive training to perform high voltage work, in order to have and strengthen knowledge for the intervention of electrical networks with the presence of voltage.

Every two years, the CNFL dedicates close to 3.400 hours in intense courses for the execution of maneuvers in energized lines, this allowed that during the 2017 23.920 man hours were carried out in construction and maintenance without interrupting the service to its clients.

At the inauguration of this important training, given by Argentine and Peruvian experts from the Regional Energy Integration Commission, the general manager of CNFL, Víctor Solís, said: "The customer is grateful when the power supply is not suspended, that is why it is indispensable to do this type of work in hot (with voltage), this allows us to continue with the billing of the service and thus recover the various investments made ".

This type of training allows the CNFL to provide a better and more efficient energy service, reduce the amount of suspensions and power cuts, as well as reduce the catastrophic effects of electric shock accidents on its employees, by including the safety component and occupational health within these instructional activities.

The course is held at the Marino Montoya center, in the Anonos Campus, a CNFL training school that has a classroom, workshops and high voltage simulation spaces.

Group of CNFL Technicians trained to improve continuity of electric service

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