Image of a CNFL worker installing a meter

CNFL begins installation of 25 000 smart meters in cantons of the province of Heredia

- High quality service for our clients.

- Sectors: Barva, Santa Bárbara and San Joaquín de Flores.

- Better access to electricity information.

Image of a CNFL worker on a ladder working with high voltage cables

CNFL geolocates transformers and customers to improve electric service

- Continuous improvement of the electric service.

- Contract with the company Geotecnologías SA

- We redouble our efforts for the improvement of the electric grid in the northwest of San José.

Image of a notebook that refers to Electronic Billing

Our customers have access to Electronic Invoice

- From 1 November of 2018.

- More than 565.000 clients

- According to Resolution R-DGT-048-2016.

- Procedure to send electronic billing to collection.

Image of a house with yellow walls and red roof on a round green surface

The Challenge of Savings

"Because playing is not just about boys and girls."

Black background image with drawings in green simulating technology

Meeting of technologies

In times of the beginning of the colony, the artifacts that were used for housework were very different from those of today.

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