Management Message2018, investment in innovation for quality in the service

Thank you for your visit to this Portal and let me inform you that this 2018 at CNFL, innovation efforts and improvements in our operations will materialize to continue providing you with better and better quality services.

I refer to the installation of 200 thousand new electronic meters ("smart") that will produce improvements in the service we provide to our customers. This investment is part of the "Intelligent Networks" Project, which puts the Company at the technological forefront in the country in this modality by significantly increasing this type of measurement equipment (computerized operation). These meters, among other advantages, allow the client to check their billing in real time and in an easy way to verify it, which can help you not only better control your consumption; but also verify that the invoiced suffers from a possible error, improving their levels of satisfaction. In addition, it favors the administration of the service, with greater precision in reading, collection, short, management of energy losses, among others.

But this commitment to innovation also means that the Company must also innovate in its Administrative Management. The administrative management is and always must be object of constant revision in such a way that the support that provides to all the areas of the company is the best possible and thus to use of the best way the resources. This year the Financial Administrative Modernization Project (PMAF) will be implemented under the direction of the ICE, which will significantly improve the attention of business processes related to Human Talent, Finance, Projects, Supply and Business Intelligence.

On the other hand and always in the line of "anticipate" the future requirements of our customers and society, is that the approval has been achieved by the Comptroller General of the Republic so that this year, with a great business effort, give the investment of 20 billion colones in projects and improvements to the infrastructure of the Electric Distribution System which is one of the substantive pillars of our services and thus continue to maintain international standards in continuity and quality of service.

The above, marks us part of the way forward to follow. But I would not like to finish without telling you that we will also make the most of last year's achievements such as: Financial Consolidation of the Company, improvements in customer services both in infrastructure (Branches) and in personal and virtual attention, the return to achieve the C-Neutrality and the International Certification of our Management System in the 100% of our addresses, the Integration and Synergies with the ICE Group the most healthy practices of investing each colon efficiently, with due control and to achieve our vision and mission and the reduction of costs, will continue to be the course to follow


Víctor Solís Rodríguez

General Manager

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