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Information about our fast and semi-fast recharge centers.

The CNFL, complying with the 2019-2020 Bicentennial Development and Public Investment Plan, has 7 fast chargers and 2 semi-fast chargers installed and working available to all users of electric vehicles.

Details below:

CNFL Fast Charging Centers

  • Hours: 24 hours
  • Capacity: 50 Kw
  • Connector type: CHAdeMO and Combo 1


Tibás: San José, Tibás, ICE Telecommunications Agency

Heredia: Heredia, San Joaquin de Flores, 300 north of the United States of America School, Plaza las Rosas.

The Uruca: Delta Fuel Station, La Uruca, diagonal to the Juan Pablo II Bridge.

Guadalupe: San José, Goicoechea, in front of Sucursal Guadalupe. South-East side of the Catholic Church, in front of the Guadalupe Branch

Curridabat: San José, Curridabat. CFIA (Federated College of Engineers and Architects of Costa Rica) parking

Escazú: San José, Escazú, San Rafael, in front of the Escazú Branch

Wide Pass: San José, San Sebastián. CNFL Paso Ancho substation (500 meters east of the Paso Ancho roundabout)

CNFL Semi Fast Loading Centers

  • Hours: Monday to Friday from 8 am to 5 pm
  • Connectors Type: SAEJ1772


Anonos:  Location: San José, Central, Mata Redonda, within the Anonos campus of CNFL SA

Metropolitan Agency: Location: San José, Cathedral, Central Park Metropolitan Agency 250 meters south.

In the following document you can download the information about our recharge centers.

Charging centers:

Download PDFDownload in PDF format


Location on the map of the CNFL Recharge Centers:

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0056 RE-2019-IE-9 of August 2019


Wednesday August 14, 2019 was published in Scope No. 182 of the Gazette

The rate modification applies from its publication in the Gazette.


¢ 182,72 kWh + VAT + Taxes.


Service charge:

The customer can request their payment through the billing of their electric service (NISE), or they can request a separate service bill.


Acquisition of the card:

The first delivery has no cost, however its replacement has a tentative cost of $ 8. Once delivered, the card is enabled in a time not exceeding 3 hours.


Charging station:

There is no maximum stay time at the station, as the time depends on the battery and its charging duration. The user must disconnect the charger once the battery has reached 80% charge.





1.  You must fill out an adhesion document at any branch, where you will sign the acceptance and the card (RFID) will be given to you. This card has a number that will be written in the contract and will relate to the client to make the corresponding payments. However, this document by itself has no validity, therefore, it must be presented to a Branch to formalize the service. That is why, to advance in the definitive application, you can complete the following form:

Click on the following link to complete the: Pre-affiliation to the service.



Use Instructions


In the following link you can download the instructions in PDF format: Instructions for use.


Charger status

1. To start charging, connect the corresponding dispenser to your vehicle and display the recharge card for 5 seconds on the screen.


2. At this time the green light turns blue and charging begins.


3. To finish loading, show the card in the reader for 5 seconds. Disconnect the dispenser and place it in the holder accordingly.




Electric mobility


  • - If you need to stop charging, position the user card in the reader and hold it for 5 seconds.
  • - The red emergency button should only be pressed in the event of any eventuality. In case of any problem, press it for 10 seconds and wait until the equipment restarts.
  • - The session can be stopped when the capacity of the batteries reaches approximately 80%.
  • - Please, after recharging, place the connector and the cable in the corresponding place.




You must remain at the recharge site at all times. If the vehicle is left alone while recharging, it will be disconnected and it will be removed by legal means, without prejudice to the related sanctions or the respective fine.



Damage Report

Using the following form you can report a damage in the rapid recharge center.  

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Contact Information

  • Address:

    5 Avenue, 1 and 0 Street, Central Offices, San José, Costa Rica

  • Telephone:

    (506) 2295-5000 / Monday to Friday from 7 am to 6 pm

  • Ext:

    10026-1000 San José, Costa Rica

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