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Request Service New Three Phase Electric Power Supply

Profile of the Procedure (Associated with the 8220 Law)

General features.

Description of the procedure:

New service whose power supply is given from two or three transformers with line-to-line voltages in 240, 416 or 480 volts. It can be provisionally for the construction stage.

This procedure can be done:

- Personally in Branches and Modules of the CNFL.

Binding Documents:

- Standard "AR-NT-SUCOM" Supervision of the commercialization of electricity supply in low and medium voltage "

Other provisions:

- Costa Rican Electrical Code for the Safety of Life and Property.

- Table of Annual Percentages of Depreciation of the Directorate General of Direct Taxation, of the Ministry of Finance.

Term of resolution:

8 business days once the technical requirements have been met.

Cost of the procedure:

It is calculated according to the tariff defined by the ARESEP

General considerations.

Any capable person may request services and perform procedures on behalf of the applicant, client or user, by means of an authorization granted in accordance with article 283, of the General Law of Public Administration or special power, general or generalissimo.
The institution will keep the original of the authorization, the special power and the certifications of the general and general powers, will deliver a copy of the authorization and the special power to the authorized or special attorney, as appropriate and indicate which acts have been executed.
In the same way, you can contact our free call center 800-ENERGIA (800-3637442) or through the chat center where our executives will be assisting you.

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Administrative Requirements

Gazette No. 157, 18 of August 2014

In accordance with the Law 8990 of the 27 / 09 / 2011, which modifies the Law N ° 8220 "Protection of the citizen from the excess of requirements and administrative procedures", as established in his article 4, proceeds to publish the update of the requirements for the procedures related to the electric power supply service, provided by the Compañía Nacional de Fuerza y Luz, SA (CNFL) Description of requirements for Electric Services that apply to sectors of public roads in which the CNFL has electro-energy availability:

- We remind you that you must abide by the new electrical code contemplated in Decree No. 36979-MEIC.

- Regulations for the Officialization of the Costa Rican Electrical Code for the Safety of Life and Property.

General requirements.

A.1. For natural person:

Original identity card for nationals, in case of being foreigners they must present documents that prove their permanence in the country, either: residence card, temporary residence permit, refugee card, pensioned resident or rentier resident card, card of territorial asylum.

A.2 For legal entity:

- Original legal status (not greater than one month issued).

- Original identity card of legal representative, if they are foreigners must present documents proving their permanence in the country, either: residence card, temporary permit of filing, refugee card, resident pensioner card or rentier resident , territorial asylee card.

Specific requirements:

- Documentation that proves to be the registered owner of the property, written authorization of the owner or demonstrate possession management.

- Provide a number of "Request for Sealing of Electrical Plans" issued by the Federated College of Engineers and Architects of Costa Rica (CFIA), for the provisional service connection request; in case of change to final service, provide original document of "Proof of Receipt" issued by the same entity, referring to the presentation of the electrical plans.


- Telephone number, exact address by province, canton and district, email, post office box of the person requesting the service or in case of companies the qualities of this, including their legal identity card.

- Pay the security deposit approved by the Public Services Regulatory Authority corresponding to the service requested, it is done when being attended at a window.

- Location, contract number or service meter number.

- In the case of new single-phase and three-phase services, provide location number of contract or service meter number of the nearest neighbor

- Copy of identification card and authorization letter for those who apply to process (in case of not being the subscriber of the service that is presented to perform the procedure or if it is a representative of the company)

- Up-to-date service (except in the case of new single-phase and three-phase services)

- Signature of application and / or corresponding acceptance contracts (in our agencies).

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Technical requirements

Visit the following link: National Technical Regulation ARESEP

Remember to hire the Engineer of your confidence to advise you adequately with the fulfillment of these requirements.

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