Social Preferential Rate T-CS

Applicable strictly to all those clients that belong to any of the following sectors:
Pumping of drinking water:
Exclusively for the consumption of energy in the pumping of drinking water for the aqueduct service.
For the following educational centers, belonging to the state public education sector: primary education schools, special education schools, secondary education colleges (academics and technicians), university colleges, universities and public libraries, including facilities that are exclusively dedicated to the state educational activity, for which restaurants, sodas, residences, etc. In spite of being in the name of educational entities, they will not enjoy this rate.
Exclusively for church temples, any other activity not directly related to the religious cult will be excluded from the tariff.
Protection of childhood and old age:
Homes and nursing homes, asylums for disabled people, day care centers promoted by the State and public homes for children, all of the above mentioned charitable and non-profit.
Persons with ventilatory support at home due to transient or permanent respiratory disability:
Users who require electrical equipment for direct assistance in the breathing cycle, which includes the supplement of one or more of the following parameters: oxygen, pressure or respiratory rate. They must be prescribed through the Pneumology Services Clinic and Respiratory Therapy Unit of the National Children's Hospital or another equivalent hospital center.

Download the consolidated rates in PDF format: click here.

Tuesday, September 29, it was published in Scope N ° 256 of Gazette 239.

The Rate Modification that applies from Thursday, October 01, 2020.

(Rate Includes Variable Cost of CVG Generation)

Consumer blocks
Energy consumption less than or equal to 3.000 kWh per kWh

¢ 82,46

Customers with consumption of
energy and power
Energy Consumption kWh Block 0-3000 kWh Fixed Cargo ¢ 142.470,00
Block greater than 3.000 kWh per kWh ¢ 47,49
For power consumption kW Block of 0-8 kW Fixed Cargo ¢ 61.497,92
Block greater than 8 kW each kW ¢ 7.687,24

* The above prices do not include tariff charges for public lighting, variable generation cost for public lighting (CV6), sales tax, or the amount of firefighters.

Tribute to Firefighters

It creates, as a complementary source of income for the operation and sustainable growth of the Costa Rican Fire Department, a tribute equivalent to one point seventy-five percent (1,75%) of the monthly invoicing for electricity consumption paid by each subscriber or direct consumer of electrical energy. The CNFL, as well as all the electricity distribution companies in the country, must collect the Firemen's Tax monthly from December, according to the 8992 law.
The tax of one point seventy-five percent (1,75%) will be applied from the first kilowatt hour consumed and up to a maximum of one thousand seven hundred fifty kilowatts per hour (1750 kWh). Subscribers whose monthly consumption is equal to or less than one hundred kilowatt hours (100 kWh) will not be subject to payment of said tax.
Any institution, company, company or similar that provides the electric power supply service will be the agent of perception of this tax. Every collection agent must transfer all of the money collected directly to the Costa Rican Fire Department, at no cost to the latter within the first ten business days for the total amount of tax collected in the previous month, in the media, the form and the conditions established by the Fire Department. This amount excludes the amount paid for sales tax.

Calculation for Clients

- With Residential Rate

Amount Energy (in colones) x 1,75%

- Non-residential with consumption exceeding 1.750 kWh

(Amount of Energy in colones ÷ total energy consumption) x 1.750 x 1,75%

TRB = (((₡ ⁄kWh) / kWh) * 1 750 kWh) * 1.75%

Public Lighting Cost

This rate must be applied to direct consumers of the Compañía Nacional de Fuerza y Luz, SA in the places, where by contract with the municipalities, take charge of the public lighting.

Tuesday, September 29, it was published in Scope N ° 256 of Gazette 239.

The Rate Modification that applies from Thursday, October 01, 2020.

For every kWh consumed ¢ 3,37

Variable Cost of Generation for Public Lighting (CV6)

Wednesday, July 1 was published in Scope N ° 162 of the Gazette.

The Rate Modification that applies from Wednesday, July 1, 2020.

For every kWh consumed ¢ 0,00

Variable Generation Cost (CVG)

For the rate modification established as of January 1, 2020, a change is made in the methodology, where it goes from Variable Fuel Cost (CVC) to Variable Cost of Generation (CVG).
The CVG is a component of the generation, distribution and public lighting rates that the Public Services Regulatory Authority (Aresep) sets for the Costa Rican Institute of Electricity (ICE) and all distribution companies.
On August 14, 2019, ARESEP through the Energy Administration indicates in official letter OF-0966-IE-2019 that it establishes the procedure to be followed for the correct application of the Variable Generation Cost (CVG) tariff methodology.
In order to obtain the CVG values ​​for each quarter, three variables are taken into account: a) the cost of fuel produced by the generation with thermal sources; b) the amount of the commercialization of net energy in the Regional Electricity Market (MER) and c) the recognition for liquidation of previous periods.

Cost of Value Added Tax (VAT)

It is calculated on 13% of the following items (those that apply according to the rate you have):

Energy, Demand, Variable Cost of Generation (CVG), Variable Cost on Demand (CVD), Provisional Service, Low Power Factor and Transformation Loss; this depending on the colones billed and applies to all customers.

* Residential customers billing less than 280 kWH per month are exempt.

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