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- What is a Payment System?

- What is SINPE?

- More ease for our customers

- How does it work?

- How to join?

What is a Payment System?

The Payment System is the set of instruments, procedures and electronic systems that allow the transfer and circulation of money between agents (people and public and private institutions) in the economy.

What is SINPE?

The National Electronic Payment System (SINPE) is a technological platform developed and managed by the Central Bank of Costa Rica, which connects financial institutions and public institutions in the country through a private telecommunications network, which allows them to carry out the mobilization electronic funds in real time between client accounts and participate in the trading markets organized by the Central Bank of Costa Rica through this platform.

Operating scheme

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Ease for customers

The platform has different collection and payment financial services that offer an efficient and safe environment for financial institutions and their clients. Among these services are credit transfers (payment) and debit transfers (collection), both with immediate liquidation, among other options available to mobilize funds electronically between financial institutions.

How does it work?

Via transfers, which are a service offered by SINPE to financial institutions so that they, in turn, provide it to their clients. They are immediate transfers because the beneficiary receives the funds in his account, on average, three seconds after the transfer is sent by the payer. It works under the following characteristics:

24 / 7: Available during 24 hours, every day of the year.

Instantly: Payment in real time and without intermediaries; being accredited immediately.

Unlimited: It does not set amount limits for transfers.

To be part of SINPE, customers must domicile their account through the CNFL Virtual Agency.

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How to join

- You must register as a user in the CNFL Virtual Agency, through digital signature or CNFL Clave.

- The client, already included in the Virtual Agency, must direct the bank account or accounts by means of which he wishes to cancel the invoices for the electric services.

- Invoices to be canceled must be registered in the name of the client that domiciles the account.

- Ready, you can now make payments via SINPE.

Benefits for customers

- Avoid queuing in agencies.

- Payment in real time (DTR) and without intermediaries.

- Decrease the procedure (you should not notify CNFL that you have already canceled).

- Interbank transfers from anywhere in the world.

- The payment of the commission established by the Banking Entity, which was paid when transferring funds to the CNFL account, is eliminated.

- Confirm the cancellation of the pending invoice in the system.

- Easy access through Virtual Agency.

- More security when canceling for SINPE because the veracity of the payment is guaranteed, while for automatic bank charges, errors may occur when executing the routines of the banking PAR system, which may result in suspension of the service and late payment.

- The client decides when and where to cancel.

- It is an official means of payment.

More information

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