Image of a working induction template

Photograph of a template in operationWhat is it?

Modern appliance, which needs no fire, no fuel to operate, only electricity

How does it work?


It works by means of an electromagnetic field that by itself does not generate heat, but when it comes into contact with a metal container it makes it hot and therefore cooks the food.

Explanatory chart of the operation of the induction template


For it to work requires the use of pots of:

Image of a steel pot, an iron pot and another pot

Aluminum or glass pots do not work.

* Ceramic pots, only those with an iron base work.


At the end of the cooking and once the pot is removed from the surface it is cooled immediately minimizing the risk of burns.

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Benefits: practical and beautiful, easy to clean, 80% efficiency, any 120v socket


Green leafPractical and beautiful

Green leafEasy to clean

Green leaf80% Efficiency

Green leafUse renewable energy

Green leafLock for children

Green leafHigh strength ceramic glass

Green leafAny 120v socket

Green leafIt does not need fire or fuel

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Image of an induction plant in operation


Green leafIt has automatic locking: This function is activated by pressing 1 sec. the + and - buttons

Green leafIt works by means of a magnetic field that by itself does not generate heat, only if there is contact with a metal container; and if after 7 sec. the container is not on the surface it is turned off.

Green leafDuring cooking, if the pot is removed from the surface it maintains a temperature that would not burn on contact, even if a child touched it.

Green leafIt has the TIME button so that the template works only during the period of time that is determined.

Green leafIt comes with a surge protection system.

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General conditions

Image of a working induction template.

Green leafThe sale of this equipment is for the purpose of making efficient use of electricity in the home through new technologies and contributing to the country's national decarbonisation policy.

Green leafWARRANTY for two years from the date of invoicing. The warranty support will be the responsibility of Global Tradesourse SA, who will make the authorized service workshops available to validate it.

Green leafThe amount per template will have an initial value of ¢ 115.000,00.

Green leafWhen applying the decarbonization bonus, the client will pay for the template a final final price of ¢ 95.000,00, as long as the client delivers a gas template for regular use.

How to acquire it?

* While supplies last

Induction template in operation.A) Cash sale (customer or non-customer of CNFL)

Green leafThe customer can make the purchase in cash, either in cash, with a credit or debit card.

Green leafIf the client presents and delivers a gas template for regular full use (read: burners, grill and casing), you will receive a decarbonization bonus, which will allow you to purchase the template with a ¢ 20 000 reduction. * Camping type gas templates do not apply.

Green leafThe physical client has the option of acquiring up to 3 templates under this modality.

In the case of clients with legal status, you have the option of acquiring up to 5 templates under that modality.

Green leafThe decarbonization bonus applies only to the first template.

Green leafThe package to be sold includes a frying pan and a pot with lid (3 pieces) brand Monix.

Photograph of a working induction templateB) Sale on credit

Green leafMust be a client of the CNFL.

Green leafThe client must present his identity card and indicate the NISE number where he wants the application of the charge.

Green leafThe client must have a positive rating to be subject to credit. The positive rating applies when there is no suspension of service in the last 6 months, among others.

Green leafFor cases of new services that do not have a history, the sale may be offered.

Green leafThe debit must be debited in installments of 3, 6, 9 or 12 months in the electric bill, according to the customer's choice.

Green leafFor the months of 3 and 6 no interest rate will be applied (as long as the client contributes the gas template) otherwise an 11.2% interest will be applied.

Green leafAn interest of 11,2% will be charged for the credit, according to the rate of payment arrangements, for cases of re-installment in installments of 9 and 12 months.

Green leafIf the customer presents and delivers a gas template for regular use (read: burners, grill and housing), you will receive a decarbonisation bonus that will allow you to purchase the template with a ¢ 20 000 reduction. * Camping type gas templates do not apply.

Green leafThe client must sign an agreement of parties.

Green leafOnly the sale of a template can be made on credit, once the loan is finished, the client can make another purchase under this same modality.

Green leafThe benefit of the decarbonization bonus applies only on the first purchase.

Green leafThe package to be marketed includes a Royal Crown brand template. It includes a frying pan and a pot with lid (3 pieces) brand Monix.

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Image with an induction template and the text: come for yours!

Where to acquire it?

Green leafAll branches of the CNFL for sale. You can place it in the following link: Map of our branches.

Green leafRegulation Sales Templates: Download.

Green leafQuick guide, frequently asked questions and their respective answers to use the template: Download.

Green leafFor more information you can write to the following email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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