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Energy Efficiency Management Workshop

The Energy Efficiency Management Workshop is an educational space of a strategic nature applied in an organized and systemic way that allows the development of skills for the design and implementation of a comprehensive energy efficiency plan at the business level.

Aimed at staff with general functions that are in charge of committees or groups responsible for generating ideas or actions to optimize the use of electric energy in your company.

General Objective:

Develop skills for the administration of energy consumption.

Specific objectives:

- Understand the general concepts of electric power consumption.

- Know the factors that influence energy consumption.

- Identify opportunities for improvement in processes, infrastructure and culture.

- Define specific measures of energy efficiency.

- Promote creativity as a tool to improve attitude and participation in a process of changing habits.

VALUE PROMISE - The Energy Efficiency Manager may:

- Understand the consumption of electrical energy.

- To manage in an integral way the energy consumption.

- Prioritize and generate proposals for energy efficiency in the short, medium and long term.

- Facilitate the practice of good habits in the consumption of energy.


The Workshop is developed under an interactive-participatory methodology with a conceptual and practical approach. The activities carried out allow reinforcing attitudes, criteria, skills and competences that are necessary for the administration of electrical energy.

It is done through 4 Modules that are presented in a theoretical and practical way. Visual schemes, dynamics, cases and exercises designed to facilitate the understanding of the subject and the communication of experiences among the participants are used.

Image with 4 boxes of different color showing the 4 modules described below.

MODULE 1 - Basic concepts of electricity and bill

2 MODULE - Ideas Laboratory

MODULE 3- Breathe and inspire

MODULE 4- Energy Efficiency applied to equipment


Wednesday 4 module 1
Wednesday 11 module 2
Wednesday 18 module 3
Wednesday 25 module 4 Talk
Wednesday 2 module 1
Wednesday 9 module 2
Wednesday 16 module 3
Wednesday 23 module 4

Modality: Virtual | Duration: 8 hours - 4 days of the month | Schedules of each module: de 09:00 am to 11:00 md | Platform: Zoom | Investment per personafter: ¢ 50 + 000% VAT = ¢ 2 (Registration of the 51 modules). | It includes: didactic material, digital certificate. The group will open with a minimum of 8 people.

Face-to-face modality | Duration: 16 hours - 4 days from month | Schedules of each module: 08: 00 to 12: 00 md | Location: Marino Montoya Classroom - Campus Anonos - Sabana Oeste -CNFL | Investment per person: ¢ 78.400 + 2% VAT (Registration of the 4 modules). Included: teaching materials, 16-hour certificate and snacks

Payment method: deposit or electronic transfer.


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