Energy Efficiency applied to the industry

Image of an electrical cable that represents the general electrical and billing terms

General electric and billing terms

Current, voltage, power, energy, demand, maximum demand and load factor, among others. More information: click here

Image showing an industrial facility, which represents the energy efficiency tips for that sector

Energy efficiency tips for the industrial sector

Innovation in industrial facilities is related to the performance of actions to improve energy efficiency, since energy expenditure represents one of the most relevant points within its operating costs. Learn here some general recommendations that allow to enhance the decrease in energy intensity associated with the use of electric energy. More information: click here

Two CNFL technicians attending events in the distribution network

Events in the distribution network

By its nature, the distribution system, mainly air, is vulnerable and is exposed to a series of events that cause outputs or variations in the supply voltage received by the company's customers. More information: click here

Figure that shows by means of a graph the signal or wave that emits the service installed in a residence.

Transient Tensions

The problems of energy quality began to be seen from the decade of the 60's with the development of microprocessors and their incorporation into the productive processes of all companies. Electromechanical equipment of the past was much more robust to transient phenomena than at present, which can damage or cause problems in some equipment. More information: click here

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