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Access Rate (TA)

Applies to: the injection and deferred withdrawal of energy in the distribution network by subscribers producing electric energy in the distributed generation mode for self-consumption with simple net metering.

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Residential (T-RE)

Applies to: Room houses or apartments that serve exclusively as accommodation

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Hourly Residential (T-REH)

Applies to: Residential customers served at low voltage and consumption greater than 200 KWh per month.

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Shops and Services (T-CO)

Applies to: booths, recreation areas, motels, hotels, shops, workshops, combined house store services, etc.

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Industrial (T-IN)

No detail

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Medium Voltage (TMT)

Applies for: customers served in medium voltage with a minimum validity of one year, extendable for annual periods.

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Medium Voltage b (T-MTb)

Applies to: Optional rate for clients served in medium voltage committed to consume at least 1 000 000 kWh / month of energy and 2 000 kW / month of power, at least 10 of the last 12 months of the calendar year.

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Preferential of Social Character (T-CS)

Applies for: Pumping drinking water, education, religion, protection for children and old age, people with home ventilatory support.

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Promotional (T-PRO)

No detail

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Quick recharge centers (T-VE)

Applies to: sale of electrical energy in fast charging centers for electric vehicles

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