Program of Electric Power Administrators

An educational space of a strategic nature that allows the development of skills for the design and development of an Energy Efficiency Business Plan. It is developed in three modules of 4 hours each.

Event data:

- Wednesday 17 October | Module 1 "The Small print" Theme: Basic concepts of electricity.

- Wednesday 24 October | Module 2 "Laboratory of ideas" Topic: Diagnoses and energy efficiency plans.

- Wednesday 31 October | 3 module "Breathe and inspire" Theme: Creativity applied to the change of habits.

Module hours: 08: 00 to 12: 00 md

Location: Anonos Campus CNFL, West Savannah. Aula Marino Montoya.

Investment per person: ¢ 40.000 (Registration of the 3 modules).

Included: Teaching material | 12 hours certificate | Refreshment.

Payment method: deposit or electronic transfer.

- Client account CNFL BCR 152-01-001-00022268-3

- CNFL client account BNCR 151-000-100-1-184800-5

- CNFL Law N ° 3-101-000046-36

Registration open until October 12 on October

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