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September 2019

Orietta Ortiz
Crestones hill
Orietta Ortiz
Indian head
Orietta Ortiz
Trunk with leaves
Orietta Ortiz
Inclined trunk
Orietta Ortiz
Old Havana Gate
Orietta Ortiz
Old Havana Street
Orietta Ortiz
Old Havana Church
Orietta Ortiz
Lotto flower
Luis Paulino Delgado
Fresia García
Puriscal CR
María Isabel Leitón
Wet paddocks
María Isabel Leitón
María Isabel Leitón
María Isabel Leitón
María Isabel Leitón
Gabriela Zeledón
Punta Leona

Artist Information

La Gallery of the Compañía Nacional de Fuerza y Luz You are invited to the exhibition of:

Watercolors by Fresia García, Isabel Leitón, Orietta Ortiz, Gabriela Zeledón and Luis Paulino Delgado

In the Gallery of the Compañía Nacional de Fuerza y Luz.

Graduates of the School of Plastic Arts find, in Education, a space to work as teachers in Arts. In this way, graduates Fresia García and Orietta Ortiz, at the end of their university education, are integrated as teachers in schools and colleges; later, in higher education, at the University of Costa Rica and at the Technological Institute of Costa Rica.

The painter Isabel Leitón, at the end of her studies in Art, decides to resume her interest in the field of Medicine, however, concludes her training as a Nurse and integrates to work at the San Juan de Dios Hospital.

Gabriela Zeledón is a painter with a broad vision of the world, forms her family, is dedicated to the growth process of her two children, travels through many countries and joins Swedish society after her second marriage; likewise, he inserts his life between Costa Rica and that country, whose environments have inspired his artistic production.

These artists, by consolidating their families, and after their maturity, approach their training again: that of painters. In this way, they join the Painting Workshop offered by the Association of Pensioned University Officials (AFUP), in La Paulina.

In addition, Fresia García and Orietta Ortiz, recently, are reunited with their former companions: Marianela Salgado and Marta Rivera, who were members of the group of watercolorists who graduated under the guidance of Gisela Stradtmann, at the School of Fine Arts, in the year 1981; they organized the exhibition, which they called REUNION, in the Municipal Museum of Carthage, from 22 from April to 24 from June from 2018.

The artist Orietta Ortiz Álvarez is interested in the landscape, especially of mountains: El Chirripó and, also, is interested in Architecture.

The watercolorist Fresia García Yen is of Chinese origin and, in her watercolors, we can appreciate the subtlety of her colors, the love for nature: water, flowers and landscape, as well as the treatment of mountains and rivers that have an unquestionably touch Asian.

Isabel Leitón Valverde is interested in the landscape with great ease, with bright and transparent colors that she achieves through the glazes that give strength to her landscapes. In addition, he likes the portrait, which he succeeds.

Gabriela Zeledón is a restless artist, whose landscape themes correspond to both the Costa Rican and Swedish environment.

La Compañía Nacional de Fuerza y Luz He has been kind enough to invite me, for the second time, to exhibit in his Gallery - the previous year, with a sample of engraving - and, in the present year, with a sample of watercolor. Knowing the quality of these watercolors, and in homage to their artistic value, I have invited you to share this experience with me.

Luis Paulino Delgado J.

September 2019

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