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March 2020

Flory Rojas
Sweet aroma of coffee
Flory Rojas
At full gallop
Flory Rojas
The Snoops
Flory Rojas

Artist Information

La Gallery of the Compañía Nacional de Fuerza y Luz You are invited to the exhibition of:

Flory Rojas

Originally from Zarcero, she is a lover of nature. He uses in his works the landscapes, shapes and colors that have been impregnated in the retina since childhood. His brush captures bright and strong colors, using hyperrealism, to highlight the magical detail that captures the attention of those who enjoy his work. The preferred theme is still lifes. His work is a faithful reflection of his joy for life and his balance between the world and his inner peace.

"My mind, body and spirit need to paint, it is a strange and amazing force that leads me to do it to reinforce my harmony, respect for nature and bring me to fullness. The painting means an escape and a direct contact with God, it is the most sublime way to connect with Him. When inspiration comes, no matter the time, or the time in front of the canvas, each stroke is a new adventure, a challenge to achieve the color, texture, that mixture that makes the difference to start experiencing a new effect that will capture the viewer, just like me when I see the image emerge from the canvas. ”


  1. Honorable mention for the Mondial Art Academy: Download.
  2. Honorable Mention from the Museum of the Americas: Download.
  3. Diploma of honor: Download.
  4. Certificate of participation in the Palmares Gallery 2019: Download.
  5. Certificate of participation INA Exhibition Hall: Download.
  6. Certificate of participation Mondial Art Academia: discard.
  7. Honorable mention: Download.

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