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Luis Paulino Delgado Jiménez
Luis Paulino Delgado Jiménez
Luis Paulino Delgado Jiménez
Luis Paulino Delgado Jiménez

Artist Information

Luis Paulino Delgado Jiménez

Master of masters

The trajectory of the master Luis Paulino Delgado Jiménez extends for six decades, from his incorporation as a student to the 12 years at the Academy of Fine Arts of the University of Costa Rica.

Currently a consecrated artist, engraver and painter, Mr. Luis Paulino has been a very positive influence in the Costa Rican plastic sector. His contribution as a teacher, director of the School of Plastic Arts and Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts has left an undeniable influence on the consolidation of teaching in this field, and, therefore, in the national plastic during the second half of the century XX. Also, in these first decades of the 21st century, his charisma and dedication have made him an example for the new generations of artists and students of the University of Costa Rica.

Don Luis Paulino is a teacher of masters since, those of us who consider him his disciples, we are currently three generations of teaching artists, in charge of continuing with the development of the professional practice of engraving in Costa Rica.

With this sample of engravings in metal, lithographs and woodcuts, Mr. Luis Paulino certifies his contribution to the national graphic work.

M.FA Alberto Murillo Herrera


School of Plastic Arts - UCR

Luis Paulino Delgado Jiménez


Pintor Puriscaleño, who started his artistic education at the workshop of his grandfather Isaías, with his father, singer-songwriter Quirico Delgado. At the end of elementary school, the Herediano artist Danilo Aguilar Luna brought him to the Academy of Fine Arts of the University of Costa Rica in the year 1954. In 1962-1964 he graduates as a Normal Teacher at the Vocational Training Institute of the National Teaching Profession. In 1968 he graduated as a Teacher of Second Education in the field of Fine Arts. At 1970, he is awarded a scholarship by the University of Costa Rica to pursue postgraduate studies at the State College at Buffalo New York and obtained the Bachelor of Fine Arts with emphasis in Engraving and the Master of Science of Education with a specialty in Plastic Arts Education (1972 ). In 1973 he graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Hermanos Ferraz Award for his career as an artist and educator, awarded by the Institute of Hispanic Culture, 2005. In the 2006 is named Professor Emeritus of the University of Costa Rica by the School of Plastic Arts. National Values ​​Prize Rogelio Fernández Güell, awarded by the National Securities Rescue Commission, 2018.

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