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2019 August

Ana Lorena Céspedes Segura
Ana Lorena Céspedes Segura
Natural beauty
Ana Lorena Céspedes Segura
Country Print
Ana Lorena Céspedes Segura
La Carreta
Ana Lorena Céspedes Segura
The Yunta
Ana Lorena Céspedes Segura
Ana Lorena Céspedes Segura
The toucan
Ana Lorena Céspedes Segura
The Flight of the Butterfly

Artist Information

La Gallery of the Compañía Nacional de Fuerza y Luz You are invited to the exhibition of:

Ana Lorena Céspedes Segura

The 3 of March of 1969 was born in Colima de Tibás; Second daughter of María Isabel Céspedes and Jaime Tamez.

She attended elementary school at Rafael Vargas Quirós School in Colima de Tibás, and as a child she felt the attraction to nature and its colors, which led her to copy pictures of her textbooks that her teachers liked very much.

Because he was a family with limited resources, he was unable to complete secondary education and dedicated himself to work to help his family.

When he made his family life, he was reunited with painting at his 37 years, in the year 2006 he received a craft course offered by a Christian mission in Guararí de Heredia and since then he collaborates for this organization giving painting classes; where he has fully performed in the service cultivating his skills as a painter and artist.

He has taken several courses at the INA including artistic drawing, watercolor, oil, relief and framing techniques.

His painting themes are based mainly on the typical country landscape in which he expresses his love for nature.

Currently, Mrs. Ana Lorena is taking the artistic painter course at the INA.

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