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The user when entering the Business Portal of the Compañía Nacional de Fuerza y Luz SA onwards "CNFL" to its Mobile Applications and to the Virtual Agency that is inside the Internet Portal acknowledges having read and accepted our Privacy and Security Policy As well as our Terms and conditions of use.

The CNFL is committed to protecting the privacy of the user and safeguarding the personal information that you provide us when you visit the Business Portal, which includes the following sites: Internet Portal: (which contains the Virtual Agency); Educational Portal: and Intranet Portal: (the latter is exclusively accessible to CNFL workers), as well as in the Mobile Applications offered by the company on the iOS and Android operating systems.

Through the Privacy and Security Policy, the collection and use of the information that the user provides through the means indicated above is regulated, it is clarified that the information will be used only by the company. Likewise, this Privacy and Security Policy regulates the handling of confidential information included in the Intranet Portal by those who work at CNFL.

The CNFL maintains official pages or accounts on various third-party websites, such as official CNFL profiles on social networks. The above is done in the company in order to interact with customers, interested people and the public in general, their activity in these sites is regulated by the Security and Privacy Policies of third party sites, who uses these websites Third party must know their policies to understand how you can use the information you provide, you can also adjust the privacy settings of your account on all third party sites according to your preference.

The Business Portal is permanently available. However, due to the characteristics of the technology used on the Internet, the CNFL can not guarantee continuity in the service. Notwithstanding the foregoing, CNFL will ensure the proper functioning of the Business Portal, Mobile Applications and the Virtual Agency and will use the appropriate security systems.

Specifically, the Mobile Application is available for portable mobile devices that work with the iOS and Android operating systems. CNFL will make every reasonable effort to make the application available at all times. However, the user accepts that the delivery of the application will be made through the internet and mobile networks and that, consequently, the quality and availability of the application may be affected by factors beyond the control of responsible CNFL.

The use of the services and information and the realization of operations available in the Enterprise Portal, Mobile Applications and the Virtual Agency by the users will be made with the understanding that the CNFL reserves the right to terminate or change the attributes of accessibility unilaterally and at its discretion in strict adherence to Costa Rican legislation.

The CNFL may at any time, by its own exclusive will, modify the Business Portal, Mobile Applications and the Virtual Agency, as well as the information available, the services it offers and the operations it allows to carry out.

Collection and use of information

The information of the user will be used only for the purpose for which it was requested. The CNFL respects the right to privacy and will not provide third parties with personal information about who uses the Business Portal, Mobile Applications and the Virtual Agency without the consent of who provided the information, unless required by the competent authorities, according to the order current legal

If the person entering the Business Portal chooses to provide us with personal information such as filling out a form of the Consultation Center, 800 Energy, 1026 Failures, Marketing Unit and Client Management, Virtual Agency, among others, the information will be used to answer your message and offer the required service.

The user recognizes and accepts that the provision of personal information is voluntary and is not required to access the information in the CNFL Business Portal, specifically in the Virtual Agency, they must provide the documentation and information essential to carry out the procedure or service you want, as well as to register as a user of it and can facilitate, modify or update the information provided at any time as long as the data provided is real and truthful.

CNFL workers who enter the Intranet Portal must comply with the provisions of the Internal Regulations, the Internal Work Rules and the stipulations of the applicable legal code regarding the handling of confidential information, since said Portal has been exclusively designed with the intention of facilitating the means and the communications between the workers and between the dependencies.

Therefore, those who work in the CNFL and use the Intranet Portal are obliged to safeguard the confidential information of third parties' knowledge in compliance with the provisions of article 35 of the Law "Strengthening and Modernization of Public Entities of the Telecommunications Sector". "No. 8660 in force from the 13 of August of 2008 and the article 9 of the Regulation to" Title II of the Law of Strengthening and Modernization of Public Entities of the Telecommunications Sector "Executive Decree N ° 35148 in force from the 15 of April of 2009 .


The transfer of personal data and the integrity of the Enterprise Portal is protected by the security certificate and the server firewall (iptables)

Our certifying authority is Positive SSL.

The owner of the certificates is CNFL with address at Central Offices on 5 Avenue, 1 Street and O. The validity period for certificates is from 28 / 02 / 2013 to 01 / 03 / 2014.
Because no system can guarantee complete security, the CNFL undertakes to try to keep the information that the user provides or access as secure as possible, including its physical security in the location of the server where the information is stored.

The Business Portal of the CNFL uses automated systems for the detection and prevention of computer attacks to minimize the possibility of suffering damages or alterations of the information available in said Portal, these systems provide the possibility of generating the reports and statistics that allow implementing the improvements in the Business Portal.

Updating data

Periodically review and update the data that the user provides through the Virtual Agency of the Business Portal, therefore the user accepts the sending of emails to the provided box in order to offer and consult the information necessary to offer a quality service by the CNFL. Likewise, the user of the Business Portal, the Virtual Agency and the Mobile Applications accepts the sending of notices about their electric service and issues related to the CNFL.

Measurement Technologies and Personalization of the Business Portal

The CNFL uses measurement and personalization technologies of the Business Portal, so that it works better for the user and in order to understand how the public is using said website.

Which means that when you visit the Business Portal, the Internet browser can download and save a small file of the Business Portal that is usually known as a "cookie" on your computer.

The user can use the settings of your browser to disable the use of "cookies", if they are disabled you can continue browsing our Websites but with some restrictions.
Policy update
The Privacy and Security Policy of the CNFL was updated on the 14-07-2015. It may be modified periodically, in which case the modified policy will be published in the Business Portal.

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The CNFL is committed to protecting the data that the user provides. If you have any questions, suggestions, observations or concerns about our Privacy and Security Policy or our Terms and conditions of use, contact us by sending us a message to the following email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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