Requirements for procedures

Image of a highway with Public LightingFault reports on street lighting:

1. ID number of the person reporting.

2. A NISE number from a nearby service.

3. In case the damage is reported in one of the districts where the posts are plated the number of the pole that has the damaged luminaire, otherwise the exact address of the pole where the luminaire is in poor condition.

4. A telephone number where the interested party can be contacted.

Application for engineering study of public lighting:

This requirement can be presented either to request the installation of exclusive public lighting posts with a luminaire, installation of luminaires in existing distribution poles in the field, lighting of boulevards or lighting installation in municipal parks, and for this purpose it must be submitted:

General requirements:

1. A letter signed by the applicant, indicating the required service, providing information such as the address, people and contact telephone numbers, means of notification (email), as well as the location of the electric service (NISE) where to bill or use as a reference. The letter must be addressed to Mrs. Elena Amuy Jiménez, who is the Head of the Public Lighting Unit and signed by the applicant.

Image showing the train track with Public Lighting

2. Copy of the identity card by both sides of the applicant.

For the case of studies in communal areas such as parks, multipurpose courts, boulevards, you must add:

3. Copy of the cadastral map of the place where the lighting study is requested.

4. Certification of the Municipality that demonstrates that the areas where the lighting study is carried out, are in the municipal public domain and are included in the official map of each canton.

5. For applications in areas of parks that exceed 2500 m², you must submit a plan with the scale distribution in digital format * .DWG.

In case of streets, and depending on the conditions of the place, it may also be required:

6. Municipal Document that indicates the alignment with the limits of the properties, the dimensions of the street, sidewalks.

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