Laboratory of Electrical Energy Measurement Systems (LASIMEE)

CNFL company with processes certified with the standards INTE-ISO 9001: 2015, INTE – ISO 14001: 2015 and 45001: 2018

Meters Laboratory accredited under the INTE – ISO 17025: 2017 standard.

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- Calibration of electric energy meters.

- Calibration of portable standards.

- Calibration of standards and calibration tables for electric energy meters.

- Calibration of energy quality analyzers.

- Calibration of multimeters.

- Courses, workshops, internships and technical seminars.

In the form Service request you can make the following requests for your company:

- Calibration of Electric Energy Meters

- Calibration of Standards and Calibration Tables

- Calibration of Portable Standards

- Calibration of Power Quality Analyzers

- Calibration of Multimeters


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Image of two technicians in the measuring workshop of the CNFL, testing and reviewing the measuring equipment

- Ensure that customers' electrical energy measurement systems are safe, reliable, accurate and accurate.

- Contribute to the establishment of a national metrological structure.

- Ensure that the Compañía Nacional de Fuerza y Luz, SA, performs its measurements in accordance with international standards, achieving greater satisfaction with the expectations, needs and requirements of the client.

- Achieve international recognition before electric power distributors and distributors.

- Contribute in an essential way to economic development and the promotion of global trade in the country, through an internationally recognized quality structure.

Other benefits

  • Trust

By means of the certification of equipment that registers the electric energy invoiced, and the fair collection for the electric energy commercialization services.

  • Acceptance

On the part of organizations that have signed mutual recognition agreements with equivalent international entities.

  • Fulfillment

With Law 8279 of the National Quality System, the national technical standard AR-NT-SUMEL "Supervision of the use, operation and control of electric energy meters", the international standard INTE-ISO / IEC 17025: 2017 General Requirements for the competence of the Testing and Calibration Laboratories and the international technical standards of the American National Standard Institute C12.1, C12.10 and C12.20.

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Service request

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Checking Meters

"The RIMEWEB system allows the customer access to the profile data of remotely interrogated meters for the administration and rational use of energy."

Image of an installed meter

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Laboratory of Electrical Energy Measurement Systems

  ISO / IEC 17025: 2017

Two Technicians of the CNFL working in the Laboratory MetersThe Electrical Energy Measurement Systems Laboratory is equipped with various instruments, equipment and measurement systems to perform the calibration of electrical energy meters, standards, calibration tables, power quality analyzers and multimeters.

This Laboratory has been accredited since 2008 with the standard: General Requirements for the Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories INTE-ISO / IEC 17025 Standard, which ensures quality in the calibration of electrical energy measurement systems and guarantees fair billing to CNFL clients.

Calibration of electrical energy meters without demand

- Magnitude: Power and energy in alternating current, single phase.

- Instruments to be calibrated: 0,2%, 0,5% and 1% electrical energy meter.

- See scope in:

Calibration of Electric Power Meters on Demand

- Magnitude: Power and energy in alternating current, three-phase.

- Instruments to be calibrated: 0,2% electrical energy meter.

- See scope in:

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Laboratory of Electrical Energy Measurement Systems

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