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Grouped Billing


- Unification of services (own or on behalf of third parties)

- Grouping by rate type in a single invoice totalized

- Easy payment management when processing a single invoice

- Reduction in the use of paper

- Greater control in payments

- Reduction of administrative procedures

- Detail of each of the services included in the invoice totalized in an Excel format

- Sending information electronically in the first 12 days of the month


1- The customer agrees to make and maintain their payments per day, in accordance with the dates indicated in the grouped receipt. This prevents the totality of the grouped services from being cut by the omission of payment, also avoiding the late charge.

2- The late payment for the grouped invoice is made based on the total amount of the grouped invoice and is automatically generated by the commercial system.

3- If the client wishes to exclude or include a service, he must request it 10 days before the date of issue of the respective invoice. This service must be found daily and without pending.

4- Remember that the inclusion or exclusion request can be made through email.

5- You must keep in mind that payments made through electronic funds transfer (TEF), by itself, do not cancel the invoice pending in our commercial system. Due to this situation, it is essential that you notify by e-mail to the CNFL, the transfer made indicating the invoice number to which the transaction corresponds, to proceed to verify and apply the payment.

6- For any query, communication or request you can contact Mr. Virgilio Venegas Vega at vvenegas @ cn fl. with a copy to: areclies @ cn fl. and aapu @ cn fl.

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