Solidarity and continuous service for everyone!

Solidarity and continuous service for everyone!

Covid-19: Our Contribution

This is how the CNFL is working:


The CNFL was organized to ensure the continuity of the service provided to the 580.000 clients in the area served. This is achieved thanks to the timely attention of clients through the different virtual and remote channels, as well as trained technical personnel to deal with their demands.

These technical personnel have been strategically coordinated to deal with breakdowns and maintenance on the network; guaranteeing, under the strictest hygiene regulations and recommendations of the health authorities, an uninterrupted electrical service during the health emergency.


CNFL supports its affected clients


Taking into account the current historical moment in the country, the CNFL determined that commercial and industrial customers, with consumption equal to or greater than 2.000 kWh, can request the cancellation of 50% of their invoices from March to May, financed in installments —Without late fees or interest— the other 50% from July to December of this year. This benefit applies only to customers without outstanding invoices.

For residential customers, extensions, arrangements and payment agreements apply, subject to analysis by CNFL staff and whose procedure is applied through the virtual and remote channels that the company has.


To access the flexibility of the payment terms, the client must take into account:


In the event that a commercial or industrial client requires a moratorium, they must contact the CNFL, through its virtual and remote channels, indicating their full name, the relationship between it and the company, the reason for the business, name of the client , rate, NISE and location.

In the case of residential clients and the flexibility of payments, only the data of the service and means of contact with the client will be requested.

If you do not contact the CNFL to access this benefit, failure to pay the bill for the electricity service will generate interest on the amount owed for delinquency.


Can you pay your bill for electric service? Take into account:


Currently the agencies and branches of the CNFL remain closed, in compliance with the provisions of the health authorities; However, the company's clients can cancel invoices through more than 5 collection points, among which are banks, supermarkets, pharmacies, as well as the Virtual Agency, available in


Why is it important to pay the bills?


Keeping up-to-date payment of electricity bills will allow the CNFL to guarantee the continuity of a solidarity electric service in the heart of Costa Rica.

The continuous and quality electrical service allows thousands of people in the Greater Metropolitan Area to keep in touch with their families, to carry out telework tasks from their homes; keep companies operating and hospitals providing medical care in these times of health crisis.

Virtual and remote means of contact with the CNFL

Through the following remote channels, CNFL clients can make their inquiries, procedures and requests:

A. Call Center (Free line 800-ENERGY (800-3637442)

B.  WhatsApp for Business (8319-5273)

C. Email 800energyThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

D. Webchat (accessing our website

E. Social Networks: (Facebook Twitter)




Making efficient use of electricity not only benefits you in billing for your service, but also allows other Costa Rican families and homes to enjoy continuous, quality, universal and supportive service.

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