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The Virtual Community for Energy Efficiency is a free service of the Energy Efficiency Area of ​​the CNFL. Its members are a group of companies that have joined through a voluntary registration and whose links, interactions and relationships take place in a virtual space.  

Its management is an online adaptation of the didactic tools created by the Area to train in a different, practical and creative way on energy efficiency issues. The Community works mainly through the sending of electronic newsletters, invitations to talks or Webinars and other activities that for the group are always free and exclusive.

We want each registered company to use this community to update and review knowledge acquired on the subject and to function as a bridge to communicate what is shared to their collaborators; For this reason, the Virtual Community has an exclusive Micro Site where they can access all the information and material shared to date.

It is also an objective that this space allows the collection of experiences, plans and achievements in the efforts carried out in their represented companies to create a space of common opportunities.

We are already more than 125 companies! Register your company by completing the form.

Note: The communications, as well as user data and password to access the Micro Site, will be sent to the contact email.


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For more information contact us: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | Phones: 2295-1108 / 2210-3060 / 2210-3062


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