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The energy calculator is a tool that will allow you to know how much energy each piece of equipment consumes (kWh). In this way you will be able to carry out a “mini audit” and discover the “most expenses” of your home, in order to make better decisions in managing your electricity consumption.


1. Enter the name and quantity of the equipment for which you want to calculate the energy consumption.

2. Type the power of the equipment (Watts) and press enter. You can find the power data on the packaging, the information plate (usually located on the back), the manual, the technical data sheet or you can consult the list of average powers here!.

3. Enter the number of hours of daily use of the equipment. If you have the data of the usage time in minutes, you must convert it to hours dividing it by 60. Example: 15 minutes = 15/60 = 0,25 hours.

4. Type the number of days per month you use the equipment and press enter.

Result: The indicated data is the monthly energy consumption (kWh). To calculate the energy consumption of other equipment press the "Add equipment" button.

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